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(718) Hipu’s “Pickle Surprise” (Explosion and FAIL!)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. +bosnianbill what is special with with this lock? You always mention which typical pick you use and aside from this one it seems like for 99% of your SPP's you use the "Peterson 'gem'" or similarly a "standard hook".
    There is no explanation as to why you would even try to start to pick this lock with a half diamond. You NEVER start with a half diamond and there is no explanation as to why you use it on this lock.
    The half diamond would seem to never be a starting pick for any lock (for you from what I've seen in your videos) just by glancing at it…especially with no comments from you in the video as to why you would choose this (typicsally) obscure pick over your regulars. I am VERY curious!

  2. That is a great Schlage cylinder to begin with! I got punked by a stock 5 pin one last week. I had to drive to bum the key to just get it out of a high end KABA lock. With it's stock spool pins I couldn't pick, gun or bump it open and few pin tumblers beat me. I spent an hour shimming it open with access to the back! The tolerances are impressive! I kept thinking while I was failing WWBD? If you are going to send Bill a challenge lock don't use a KwikCrap or other inferior pot metal cast lock. This is a fairly inexpensive cylinder that would be a great place to start. I almost mailed him the cylinder to see what he could do with it unmodified. Its a shame it blew up. I think this may have been a long video otherwise. Fine attempt!!

  3. I had used that technic many times for some of my customer …
    the cylinder is 1 1/8 6 pin but you will notice that it comes pre-drill for a seven pin …
    try one of this cylinders with 6 pin cut key and add the 7th pin with "#300 – 9" with the top pin and spring, you will have a seven pin cylinder with 6 cut key … it has been very effective for me and in 30 years as a locksmith I never had any complaints other than the key doesn't work when duplicated.

  4. Hey I've been using a master 40mm it's a small aluminium body only 4 pins basically a training lock (yes I know we don't talk about them here) to help teach some of my friends who have become interested and the other day it just seemed to open but not every time I spp it so I'm wondering if there is some kind of bypass at the back of the core as it is unshielded

  5. Just got a set of pics, unfortunatly the seethru training lock is still shipping so i tried some methodes i only saw in your videos on an Abus 66/30 (4 pins if iam guessing right?) Rocking got me in several times in just under a minute. If i can do that everyone can do it so security is basicly none! That was shocking! I did not realy expect it to be sooo easy. Got to learn SPP next. Thank you for all the Videos!

  6. Bill

    It looks like that that Is designed to slide on from the back of the cylinder and slide forward instead of just being state it looks like that's the way that cylinder was built released from the film. I could be wrong because I could just see it for a second. If you still have the locked you might try to slide it in from the back. Just a suggestion.

  7. Lots of salt in the comments on this one! After seeing it post-explosion, I think it would have been an excellent lock to see Bill take on. Definitely some tricky pins and you've got to hand it to Hipu for all the work and thought that went into it, even though it blew it's top.

  8. Just throw that cylinder away Bill. Schlage doesn't make a seven pin cylinder so it is ruined. It has been modified and is no longer original. This is what happens when someone screws around with cylinders and doesn't know what will happen. Those retainers are staked on and very difficult to restake if not impossible.
    If you're going to send in out, thread the chambers and put hex set screws in

  9. Ah what you haven't realized is that is a security feature, the same as a glass relocker in safe, it disables itself if pushed too far.

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