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(746) Nasty CISA Euro Dimple Lock


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. You probably don't get them in America, but have you ever gotten your hands on a Kaba lock? They're standard here in Switzerland and virtually unpickable.

  2. I'm not a locksmith but A welder/fabricator. I would very much appreciate and advice you could give or point me in the right direction. I'm trying to build a lock for a trailer pindle. As in a tractor/ trailer. Something that can lock around the trailers pindle as to make it so the trailer can't be hooked up to. Also any of your viewers please help if you can. Thanks.

  3. Hi All if someone can help me, I'm looking to by for my garage door A PJB garage door defender and I saw online that said the cisa lim 28550 straight shackle was very good lock for the defender but after seeing bill get in one in 5 min not sure if this is any good. I'm getting a very expense toy and want to keep it safe. thanks DJ

  4. got the padlock to work. Had to rap it on all sides with a hammer to make the stuck pin loosen up. It works now with the key but is more difficult to pick.

  5. Hey +bosnianbill! I'm getting ready to start learning lock picking and I've watched a TON of your videos trying to get a basic knowledge and sometimes watching a video 2 or 3 times to figure out what your doing! i was wondering what a couple of the terms you use meant. The terms i don't understand are as follows: i don't know what a Binding pin is, I also would like to know what a fault set is. If you could get back to me that would mean a lot to me! thanks a ton! And hopefully once i get some tools i start learning quickly cause this is a skill that would and could come in handy quite often for me! Thanks!

  6. Bill,

    Since I discovered your channel I have become interested in your hobby. I ordered a pick set from Peterson and a Chinese one from Amazon that includes a transparent padlock. I also bought a brand new Master #3 padlock to practice on. I opened it about 10-12 times and then was unable to do it again. What I find is that the keys that came with it will no longer open it either. Is this common? Or is it just a testament to the Master lock company's poor quality control?

  7. You remind me of a dentist. Not in a bad way, but just your calm demeanor while you're describing your task as I've had dentists do. But great job. Keep it up man.

  8. Hey iv got what i think to be a key i found a few years ago and kept out if curiosity do you have an email i can send a few photos of it to you and see if you can identify if it is a key and what lock it comes from. Thanks. Ps love your channel

  9. hey bill im a new picker from Wisconsin and I started picking because of you and I was wondering if you had some training locks you dont use and would not mind sending to thanks
    big fan,

  10. hey I just started lock picking. And I want to improve even more. I already can pick the lock of my house. I would really appreciate if you could donate some spare locks you may have.

  11. hi @bosniabill,
    i really like your video's and i started to have a intrest in locks thanks to you.
    i finaly have the courage to ask you one question.
    sinds my parents will allow me to have lock picks but dont allow to buy them i have the question if mayby you want to help me out just to sen me 1 or 2 old picks that you wont use anymore so that i can pratice and hopefully buy later my own picks.
    i know that you probaly get a lot of this questions but i thought it was worth trying right?
    greetings a dutch fan.

  12. 7 days without a video? come on Bill lol
    I wanted to share some deals w you, #1 ebay has a couple listings new assa cores in bulk #2 , I posted a video. I got some good tools we use for dirt cheap. check it out.

  13. Ohaio!

    I've got a question:
    I recently started to try myself on lockpicking,
    I ordered myself a set of picks along with a training lock.

    The training lock is trash, there is exactly one pin that needs to bind
    in order to open, all the others just sort of "slide" where they need to be.

    Then i went looking for some propper locks.
    I've had some locks in the cellar, but my problem here is:
    I'm from Germany, and i've mostly got Abus locks. (I've got a 45/50, 85/50, a 45/60 and a Discus 24RK)
    And as far as i'm concerned, those things are like bunkers
    (at least for somebody with my level of skill/experience)

    I did open one (the 45/50), but that was more out of luck then knowledge.

    Do you know any Locks that aren't as overkill as Abus?
    Something i could train on?
    It doesnt need to be easy, its just that i am out of hope with these locks.

    I'm looking forward to your answer!

    Greetings from Bavaria,

    PS: We've got -23°C or -9.4°F here,
    its warm and cozy over yander.

  14. Bill I love your videos. I'm just getting into picking for the fun of it. I was wondering how I can get my hands on one of these challenge locks. any advice would be awesome. love the videos and keep up the great work. thank you in advance

  15. Wife: Oh come in Carol; Dave how are you? Fine. Fine. Gosh is this a bad time? Sounds like Bill is talking to someone. ~sigh~ Not anyone in particular……… can I get you some coffee?

  16. Nice picking Bill! looks like one nasty lock. Im trying to get into picking dimples but its really hard to find em around here. Even my local locksmith doesnt have any…he has a box full of brand spankin' new Medeco's but no dimple locks of any kind.

  17. BosnianBill my email is jdub7785.17@ gmail.com. I would love to trade stock or challenge locks. please look me up when you can. seen about 250 of your vids so far keep it up! thanks! anyone else that wants a trade let me know…
    james in sc

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