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(761) Ted’s Challenge Lock #1


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. @bosnianbill I call those tall and shallow ones 'Yale spools' just because I first came across them in a… winkhaus, ye of course yale but I love how 'close to the edge' you have to go to set 'em. Nice one.

  2. +bosnianbill I recently received the same best wb core from Ted and it's a bugger. I wish you luck and am looking forward too seeing if you can get it open. 

  3. The school district I work for uses the WB keyway. I ended up getting a good amount of them off ebay and plan to install them on doors when I get the hardware.

  4. +bosnianbill
    Hey Bill, I know that it's not related to this video but I'm searching for a good padlock for my ATV. I saw that a bolt cutter can't make through the 19mm Almax chain or Pewag, but in such case any padlock that I will use with with this great chain will be the weak link in the security of my ATV because it can be cut with bolt cutter very easily (even the Abloy 656) . I can't find any padlock with 19mm shackle diameter. Do you know any lock that will do the work ?:)
    Thank you in advanced.

    Great channel BTW!

  5. hi bill I have just got hold of what I thing is a very interesting old B&G England lock that I would love to send you to see if you can pick it dunno how to contact you for your address if your interested please let me know thanks Lea

  6. LOL "Frozen Tundra of Canada"!

    Lock picking in Canada is generally more difficult than in the US as you need to pick in teams. One to build a fire, and thaw the lock so the pins move and subsequently pick the lock, and the other one to hold the snowshoes and provide overwatch for attacking packs of ravenous wolves, grizzlies, mountain lions, bison, or rabid beavers!

    Where I live, just steps from a rainforest on an island 30 miles to sea, we have to overcome moss growing in locks, and rust. The trick to picking here on the island is, discerning of the clicks you hear and feel are coming from the locks, or your cold wet hands and joints. LOL

  7. Thanks for the vid, Bill. I am very new at this and found the info regarding the springs to be helpful. I've picked about thirty locks so far, and in deference to your "naughty bucket, I created my "wall of shame". All of my defeats are hanging on display for everyone to see when they walk in to my garage The sign above that peg board reads:

    "Locks I Can't Pick Yet"

    You just taught me something new…

  8. Bill you seem to be recently be doing a lot more newbie explanation.
    Is this because there has been a recent influx of interest in lock sport??????????
    I have noticed on the forum I'm on that there are loads of new guys joining( exciting times)????????
    Great vid BTW????????????????

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