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(780) BL-10 Bar Lock (Revisited)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. My question is, and I've come up with a couple ideas, what would it take to make a pin tumbler lock that will not tension unless there is a key inserted into the core?

  2. so in your opinion, improving this by having a washer or similar tyoe barrier tack welded onto the shackle infront of the hole in the lock body would make this a prettt secure lock? that should be pretty easy. any idea where i can get one? i know abus make similar ones, but i like the way this one looks.

  3. +bosnianbill Is the washer you talked about something that could be added by the consumer to improve this lock and defend against shimming it?

  4. +bosnianbill (huh? I have always read your name as BonsaiBill)
    That shim weakness could be for when you have lost the key and need to have the lock removed then maybe a someone (trusted) from the lock company can still remove the lock.

  5. plaese tell me, why do you do this ? isn t it suffice that there are a lot of breakeins ? why are you teachings people how to steal ? 🙁 you should be banned :(

  6. hey you said something about washers when you were shimming. Can we add regular washers that fits perfectly on the bar? after seeing your video if i can make it unshimmable i would definetly buy it

  7. Well I'd say it's not an engineered weakness, the sleeve type locking mechanisms that would solve the issue would add bulk to the lock it's self and add another complicated moving part to an already over engineered lock. Probably mostly price though…

  8. Very interesting technique with that outer rotating core. I wonder if you can get some kind of shim in it that would jam the outer core and stop it from rotating, so you can tension the inner core.

  9. So if the user were to secure it with a thick steel washer on either side of the lock, do you think cutting the bars with a portable grinder would be the only practical method of defeating the lock without damaging the motorcycle?

  10. I bet one of the reasons insurance wants this lock replaced is that once the cylinder stop's spring is worn out, You can't open the lock.

    Do you think using a Open Disc Detainer Lockpick with back of the keyway tensioning would let you SPP it?

  11. Apart from the vulnerability to shimming, this seems like a very secure lock. Would it be possible for a user to modify the lock to remedy that weakness?

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