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(500) EVERYTHING About Tension Tools!


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. I was practicing with the locks in my own home (i was bored AF) and i noticed that even if you pick the core, the mechanism inside won't engage if the point of the key isn't pushing against a piece in the end of the way. Is there a tool to push that part (or maybe a very long wrench?) (also, sorry for the lack of technical terms, all my jargon is in spanish)

  2. I was hoping this would show and explain this one tensioner I have. It is part of the 24 piece Goso kit. It has 2 tension heads on each side. I thought it was called a double tensioner, but apparently it is called a GOSO Lever Tool.

  3. Hey Bill, so I ended up buying Sparrows Wizwazzle set and expected to get those odly bent top keyway tension wrenches but found out that now they actually just give you a very long wrench in each size with a twist and tell you to bend it yourself. kinda disappointed cause I'm scared to try and bend mine incase I screw up and break one! Awesome review btw.

  4. sparrows has prybar comb pick hybrid set, 1 even has the tubular wrench on the side, 4 for $17 I was shopping prices for a fat prybar, southord doesn't make them, sparrows doesn't make the fat one either, I was looking for a alternative to my expensive Petersons

  5. that flat one with both sides on one end you said you don't know what its use is I use it when my aunt licks her keys in her car gives the room to work from middle

  6. that flat one with both sides on one end you said you don't know what its use is I use it when my aunt licks her keys in her car gives the room to work from middle

  7. that flat one with both sides on one end you said you don't know what its use is I use it when my aunt licks her keys in her car gives the room to work from middle

  8. Great review. What are the long Z shaped tension wrenches used for, and how? seems awkward for top of keyway. I saw them in your pile, but you don't mention them.

  9. Does anyone know if there are any templates out there for the specialist pry-bars/tension tools? I don't think it would be too difficult to make them. A tensioning tool for a recessed core for example could be made from 1/8th – 3/16th in. steel bar, a part of which could be bent into a curve and then hammered flat.

  10. I've never used top of the key way but it seems like it would be better for picking, giving you more play room for your picks… I think i'll check em out.

  11. Man… I work at a car accessory shop, and I've been throwing wind shield wipers to the garbage every day without even thinking. I feel like a moron now.

  12. Where else can I get the Peterson pry bar and pry bar lite? I'm gonna refuse to pay 9 dollars in shipping costs for two 8 dollar tools that could fit in a small envelope.

  13. what about tweezer tension wrenches? those wich keep the rain shield open (it was supposed to be in my southord 2010 pickset, but instead I got 1 of those prongs you showed) bummer

  14. Superb Bill, everything I needed to know and more from the TTSME (Tension Tool Subject Matter Expert !!), thanks for your efforts much appreciated ;-)

  15. The circular and double pronged tensioning tools are made for picking car door locks otherwise known as wafer locks. The picks with circles instead of a hook or rake shape are also meant for car door or wafer locks.

  16. Hi Bill, have you had a chance to try Sparrow's new Mantis tension wrench for tubular locks? I picked one up but I don't know how it compares to the I guess traditional tubular lock picking tool as I have never used one. Be interested in hearing your thoughts and review on it.

  17. Wow, just found your channel.  Well done!   I run a small business opening cars, homes, commercial buildings, rekeying, changes, small repairs, etc.  Everything I learned through a few books and youtube.  I respect the trade enough that I wouldn't really consider myself a locksmith because there is so much I can't do.  Mainly auto locksmithing in terms of ignition and door rekeying, lazer cutting, programming etc.    I am desperately trying to learn the auto locksmith trade.  I have looked at schools but none seem to only offer auto schooling.  Did you attend a school?  If so, which one?  Any advice on learning the auto locksmith trade?  With the Israeli locksmith scam running rampant I really see value in learning this trade.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

  18. A lot of those "top & bottom" type of tension wrenches I believe are for specific types of car locks maybe? Or at least cars used to use them, now that they have those center-cut laser-cut things like on a relatively newer BMW for example that to my knowledge only LISHI has addressed and made a handy series of picks, some 2-in-1 like the HU92. I could be wrong though, and would be glad to know of any more types of picks I can use on my Z4 for when I lose my key or lock it inside (or let's face it, mostly just for fun.)

  19. On those double prong ones, I would file the top down so the bottom fits inside the lock more and the top just goes inside the top of the keyway.. But I have not tried them so I could be way off base.

  20. Just came across these videos by accident. Always had a mild interest in lock picking. Now I'm addicted to your Videos Bill, wish I was a bit younger I would give it a go. You must spend an absolute fortune on the gear, far more than my meager pension will stretch to!. Very entertaining, and, somewhat unusual for these type of videos, very Eloquent.

  21. Dual Prong is Automotive (Wafer) only. The best 'double prong' ones for pin tumbler locks are the Falle adjustable ones. Used correctly with a Peterson pick they are killer! 😉 (My humble two cents)
    Good educational vids btw. Keep it up!

  22. Thanks, this is really helpful. I have noticed that in your videos you have difficulty with the focus. I don't know names, but there are a lot of good cameras where you can set 2 focuses and quickly swap between them with the press of a button. I don't know what cameras have this, but you could also get a cheaper one with manual lenses. 

  23. good review , I just use wind shield blade inserts like you've said before .
    but I make mine @ 6 '' long , I have 3 junk yards around here that don't charge nothing … hehehehe  

  24. I have found the double pronged tension wrench helpful when the first pin is exposed. I can lift the first pin at an angle and then the wrench will fit like most any tension wrench.

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