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(693) Buying Security – Get your money’s worth!


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. First of all, happy New year and, all best in 2017
    I stumble on your YouTube videos when I was looking for reviews for best lock and chain.

    Now to come to my question…
    I would like to know what would be best possible chain and lock against electrical grinder, and cutting tools for motorcycles.

    I hear Pewaq Hardened square link chain is one of the best with 63 Rockwell grade scale…but this one at least on video could be cut in around 2-3min per side…this was done with battery grinder 18A model.
    So to cut chain on both side guy did it within 5minutes…To me this is not really best then…so I am looking in your expertise and advice…

    Do you have any better chain that I could go for? If yes could you please provide link where I could buy it.
    I am based in Europe.

    For lock I hear that Finland maker Abloy have very good lock model is -> PL362 ABLOY….If you have some other better combination please let me know.

  2. i have this lock right now, wayne sent me one. have you gotten any closer to picking it. i need some help!!! im not getting much in the way for feed back. really everything in the lock remains very springy.

  3. That looks identical to Lockwood Twin. The lower set of teeth lift 3 pins to the correct height, allowing a sidebar to drop into the barrel. I've picked a Twin before, but only by using what's known as a load key. This key is a standard twin key that had been ground flat (past 9), leaving only the side bar cuts. This allows standard picking to take place as the side bar is out of the equation

  4. Few notes:
    1# The chain is a Pewag Hardened Square Link Chain ~12mm (~ 7/16”) and it has a Rockwell hardness scale of 62 (part # 3012). It's effectively impossible to cut with bolt cutters, and takes a long/loud 2 minutes with an angle grinder (lots of sparks) in optimal conditions. The thieves may very well have tried to cut the chain, and not even been able to put a single obvious mark on it (hence why Bill could not find any).

    2# Wayne sells this custom made lock (Stanley lock with an Assa core) for $200USD. Or $300 for the lock and 4 ft chain combo. They are on his http://www.tricountylocksmithservice.com/security-products/index.html website

    3# You can also buy the chain online on a few sites, my current order is with westechrigging.com, they sale it for $15.20 per foot.

  5. You say there is no unpickable locks. Does this apply to Abloy Protec or Exec also? How does picking one of these happen then? In theory atleast. I don't think you can do it by using traditional lock picks?

  6. what is the model number of that lock? if you said it, I missed it, sorry, or is this a custom made lock? I know you said it had a ASSA twin combi key, is this something that is done aftermarket? or does it come that way?

  7. Thanks for this awesome video, I just bought this lock and chain set by Wayne. As long as you're not in my town, then I feel confident my bike will be waiting for you. Thanks sir.

  8. Hey Bill, I have been snooping your channel but I can't seem to find a list with your preferred or recommended pad locks. do you have one?

  9. Sounds odd. Why would someone try to steal a motorcycle that was chained up? You're not going to get very far on foot. I suppose it could have been some vintage thing that doesn't require a key, but if you have a truck and a trailer already, it would be a bit dumb not to just have a cutting torch.

  10. Cheers! what do you think security-wise of a American Lock AH10KA-D500 Padlock Solid Hardened Steel Tumbler Kab + Pewag 12mm sq link chain ? the chain speaks for itself but I am not sure about this lock – it ihas 6 pins though, hardened ..

  11. Bill, hey man I have been subscribed to your channel for a couple of weeks now and I have to say thanks for all the great tips. And I have been ssp master locks as a starter and they are getting fairly easy, is there a second lock that you would recommend me practicing on next?

  12. Just found your channel,it's awesome! Broused vids and couldn't find one related to motorcycle disc brake locks. Have you evaluated any? Does anyone here think that they're worth the money?

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