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(332) Review: Southord’s “Core Killer” Jiggler Keys


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. I recently purchased a set of Southord’s jigglers and have had very good “luck” with them. In just the first week of using them on the job I opened a Yale GA Leverset, 2 Schlage F-51’s, and a Schlage ND series.

  2. Bill. I’m your new biggest fan. I have been watching your vids on youtube on rare occasions. I’ve always been fascinated by lock picking since I was a kid. In the past month I have finally decided to pursue it as a hobby and really delve in to it. You have been a tremendous resource. Thank you for all the knowledge you share. This video left me wondering what actually happened. Did the core just fall out or did the jiggler actually have something to do with it. Being able to take out a core would be great. I’m guessing from your reaction though that it was just a mishap that you posted for humor. In the end, did those jigglers turn out to be a worthwhile purchase?

  3. I know it's all about supply and demand. Companies will charge what people will pay for an item. However, it still blows my mind how much some of these companies get for some of these picks or sets of picks (not just these jigglers but picks in general). There's next to nothing in them for material(s) and they're all stamped out (for the most part) and there is probably some hand buffing/polishing that takes place and some R&D costs depending on the item, but wow do they get a lot of money for stuff like this. Even some of the sets of "knife tools" or some of the bypass stuff, wow.

  4. Bosnianbill, I always have a question burning in my mind about lockpicking. And here it goes: what is the difference between a bump key and a jiggler key, please reply.

  5. Bill, I'd love to see you use the Sparrows Coffin Keys that you got in your big Sparrows order and share your opinions on them in an upcoming video.

    Love your stuff, keep it coming.

  6. if you took the core out, why can't you just open the lock with it removed?
    and the core came out because you used that wrench/which is NOT how Jigglers work.
    your using your tools improperly.

  7. If you wanted to pick the core, take the core out of the padlock and put in the vise and pick counterclockwise.  You could also install the core into a different kind of lock that would allow it to turn counter clockwise.

  8. Thanks. I tried it both ways and just feel that the tension wrench gives me better results than just using the jiggler alone. Unfortunately, some keyways are too small to fit both, so you'll have to use the jiggler alone.

  9. Rune,
    raking is more of an in-and-out motion – like pushing a key in and out. For locks with similar bitting between pins and standard pins this often works well.
    Jiggling is a technique for more radically bitted locks and also can work well on security pins. For this you need a purpose made jiggler (a bogota can also work). You insert the jiggler, apply light tension, and move the bow up and down. You can also rake it in and out if you like. If one jiggler doesn't work, move to another.

  10. These are actually very good quality. I've been using them a LOT and they show no wear or bends. I did engrave each with a number tho, just to keep track of what sequence I'm trying them in.

  11. its a company that sells cheap crap. It's where I got my little pick set that comes in a wallet size case. The shallow pick isn't bad, but the half diamond is dinged good and I'm afraid to use the rakes.

  12. could you maybe talk alittle about the difference between raking and jiggling with these keys? I havent picked a lock for years, yet in the last few months Ive taken an interest in it again as it is great fun, however beeing an utter novice I would love for you to share insights on some of the differences between various approaches if you got the time 🙂

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