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(154) How to Open Wilson Bohannan Padlocks


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Hey Bill! Steph! Im moving in on your game here! Just kidding. I just opened a pair of these, one clockwise and one counterclockwise. One thing I want to mention about these is the direction you need to turn the core SEEMS to be indicated by the keyway. My pair had almost mirror keyways. You don't need my tips, but others may! (sorry about the comment spam this morning, I've had free time.)

  2. I have a green WB that we used as a lockout/tagout lock at work. It's the only lock I have that I haven't picked yet. I'm gonna kick it's ass one day though.

  3. Cool.  Do these all have the same key blank for each model, or did client companies have their own proprietary?  Is there a blank available that will fit the last lock you opened?  Thanks!

  4. Hey I have 2 WB locks a smaller one and one like the size you have.but the bigger lock I tried hours wd40 and hitting it a little ,and picking cw and ccw and no luck.the little one I got in like 30 seconds .what am I doin wrong ?or is the locked messed up?

  5. I can't wait to open one of these soon!!! I opened my first Master Lock #3 the first few minutes I had it lol. I know I will have to learn new skills to get to open the other locks since I can tell they won't be that easy.

  6. I certainly appreciate the info in this video. I recently picked up a vintage WB. Picked for at least a half hour before getting my first open. Thought there might be some sort of alien technology inside. Never would have thought of trying counterclockwise tension. Picked in less than 30 seconds after watching this video. Thanks Bill !

  7. We have the Wilson Bohannan factory here in Marion, OH where we live. I have a friend that has a whole "fleet" of them I guess you could say. Out of curiosity, have you ever "autopsied" one to see the guts? I have not, just wondered if you had…

  8. Sorry Dennis, the padlocks are permanently sealed at the factory & can't be removed without destroying the lock. You CAN impression new keys for them, but it really wouldn't be economical to have a locksmith do it.

  9. I have several of these locks without keys which I want to re key. I have several USPS keys which fit the locks but will not turn. How do I remove the cylinder from the case in order to re key? Some of my locks are Yale, Lori & Ilco but they all have the same keyway.

  10. wow. mans man. i emailed you last night and said i couldnt get my old wb open. well i tried heavy tenchin. and i got it. i always use very light touch. and that was my promblem. Thanks alot. next ill be looking for a nice best padlock to open.

  11. I think you're spot on! I came to a very similar conclusion with WBs – I call it more of a 'rough & tumble' style of picking. And as you said, it's just the opposite of what we're taught. My method varies from yours slightly, but not much. Your way looks a bit quicker than mine… probably beacause I'm not willing to use quite as much tension as you are, which creates the risk of oversetting pins. I also have a link to some gut-shots in the description of my vid. Nice work Bill!

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