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(256) FIRST LOOK: Commando Lock’s Prototype Cylinders


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. I think it would also take a toll on the picker..can be quite tough trying to keep consistent heavy balanced pressure on the core.. and if you were trying to do it under pressure (even without a banana lol) as you would be if you were trying to break into somewhere.. it would be even harder..

  2. The advice here from locksport enthusiasts to manufacturers to increase tension and deaden feedback is great. I think that last challenge lock you picked for us (the one that exploded and failed) was an attempt at that sort of design. Thanks again for the videos.

  3. So, how long after the new locks come out until we see the first Chinese knock-offs? LOL
    I mean that in jest, of course. Even if the Chinese lock makers could duplicate the design, the knock-offs would be of dubious-to-poor quality at best.

  4. Cheers bill, this vid gave me a lot more info to work with. I've just picked it and placed a vid up. The tension Is so light I could hardly believe it. It was nice of Jim to pass it down to me from you :-)

  5. No problem. I did a video called "How to detect and beat spool pins (for beginners)". I would put a link but YouTube won't allow them in the comments section.

    The video will explain the false set, what it is, and how to overcome it.

  6. Hi Bill
    I'm enjoying your videos.Your comentary while picking is very informative.
    Could you explain what a false set is and how you deal with them.

  7. They are supposed to be the same keyway as a masterlock. The main concern was having a common enough keyway that people could easily get spare keys cut. There was quite a bit of discussion on the forums with other suitable ones that would provide more of a challenge and be common enough people could still go down to "Ye Olde Hardware" and get a spare key 😀

  8. Since this is a 5-pinner I don't think it is the M1 keyway, since it is a 4-pin key. i honestly don't know and I've already packed up the locks to ship back. I CAN tell you that it was barely wide enough to accommodate a 0.025 pick. My favorite home made 0.026 pick wouldn't quite fit between the warding. Anything smaller than 0.025 bent pretty easily – I ruined two picks, a 0.020 and 0.022. I also pretzeled a 0.015 euro profile pick too.

  9. Awesome. Good to hear that they reintroduced that feature. Do they still have the M1 keyway? I would love to get a few of the new ones to spread around but I still have quite a few of the original ones left from my last order to pass out.

    They will be quite horrible when the other keyways, security keypins and other features are introduced. 0_0 Maybe then people would recommend them as a training lock for the high security Euro locks like Trioving, ASSA etc 😉

  10. Tears of joy my friends! Thank God the patent is in process…Thanks for the positive feedback Bill. Gents, I'll get some to you asap. You know who you are. Oldfast911, we agree. Every lock does have a hybrid serrated along with the spools but we can definitely play with the dimensions. And you're right–I'm watching and reading every bit of advice y'all have to offer. Thanks for your validation Bill. Stay tuned…

  11. One other thought (in case you're reading this Patrick… which I KNOW you are lol). I thoroughly agree with Bill on the addition of serrated pins. IF you decide to take that route, may I add to this recommendation: I would highly consider making the serrations DEEPER than the ones that are used in American Locks. Bill… Patrick… thank you both, and keep up the great work guys!

  12. Patrick did good to put a few in your hands Bill. Great vid & info!! A feedback deadening cam… novel! I've probably not been as voicetress/supportive as I should about CLC… but I've kept a close eye on Patrick & his ever-evolving company since they popped up on the radar. They continue to impress me. For yrs lock companies have had the lockpicking community at there disposal. Some of the brightest minds & talented people I know. About damn time a company utilized us! Exciting & refreshing!

  13. I find it hard to believe they are hard to pick just because of the amount of tension, try the falle double sides tension wrenches. Wouldn't mind a crack at that US set padlock if you would loan it out, if you can't as its a prototype i understand. Nice video man

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