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Maker/Description Eye Candy
Mr. Q lives in Berlin and is a world-renowned lock and safe expert. He produced a small run of prototype titanium picks and loaned them to me to try out and experiment with.  This is what they looked like after two weeks of vigorous use.  Beautiful work!  Mr-Q.-2-1
Mr. Q’s prototypes from several batches trying to find the “perfect” handle  Mr-Q.-1
Mr. Q.  Another angle showing the different depth hooks. I particularly liked the steep angle of the hooks curve. It made it easier to pick high cut pins without over-setting the one in front of it.  Mr-Q.-3-1
 TheCaveMan1966.  These picks arrived as a complete surprise from TheCaveMan1966 and have been in constant use for the past two years. Beautiful hand crafting of both wood and metal.  TheCaveman1966-1-1
TheCaveMan1966.  The hook is the perfect shape. This pick is made from 0.032″ steel and is quite durable. It just FEELS good to hold it in your hand.   TheCaveman1966-6-1
When the Ruko D12 core came out TheCaveMan1966 was the first to review it on YouTube AND the first to pick it. When he was done, he sent the lock to me to try.   TheCaveman1966-12
 I had a HECK of a time accessing the wildly paracentric keyway, so TheCaveMan1966 was kind enough to make me a copy of his custom D12 pick. A double ender with one deep and one shallow hook with VERY steep angles. Very well designed and super durable.  TheCaveman1966-13