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(860) Clay Miller’s Nightmare #3 (FAIL)



This is the toughest to pick lock that I’ve seen in quite some time.  Man, I spent over a week – a couple of hours every night – working on that lock.  I probably had close to a hundred failures.  I usually pick for about 10 minutes, then re-start but that got old real quick.  10 minutes with this lock barely got you a false set!  After a while I just let the camera run, and run, and run…  My persistence and stubbornness finally paid off and the lock opened, but just as I flipped it over to begin gutting, the battery died.  Crap.

Thinking I had the lock “figured out” I spend another couple of weeks trying to get it open.  I actually did at one point but my memory card was full and I didn’t realize it until trying to process the video.  Again, crap.

Finally, I gave up.  I was losing too much sleep over this lock to keep going.  Clay, you beat me down…

Still, it’s important to share with everyone how much work Clay put into this lock.  The design is brilliant!  The pins are beautifully done and perfectly matched to the lock’s binding sequence.  Perfectly matched to keep me out, that is.

Stay Safe, Stay Legal!


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