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Blog – February 2017


Well, we finally got video #1000 behind us!  I can’t even to begin to describe the hundreds of topic suggestions I received in the weeks leading up to it.  I covered the most popular (and not so practical) ones in the video, but some of them were downright wacky.  Here are some of the ones I didn’t mention in #1000:

  1. Drop a lock off the Empire State building (3 requests)
  2. Connect two locomotives with a chain and lock and see if you can pull it open (6 requests)
  3. Shoot it with a .50 caliber machinegun (41 requests)
  4. Drag it behind your car X miles (7 requests)
  5. Launch it with a giant bungee against a concrete wall (3 requests)
  6. Throw it into an airplane propeller (2 requests)
  7. Drop it into a vat of sulfuric/hydrochloric/other acid (23 requests)

And the list goes on and on with ideas that have two themes in common:

  1. Get bill hurt really bad, or
  2. Get bill arrested

If it’s OK, I’m going to stick to non-destructive, legal openings…

In the past month, I’ve made a number of video production changes, the most obvious should be the audio improvement.  After a video or two and receiving your feedback, I think the gain is finally set about right.  If you have suggestions for improvement (or have audio engineering experience) I’d love to get your feedback.  Inserting the new microphones into my bum doesn’t count (9 requests).

This month I’ve added a couple of new modules to the free lock picking course on the website, namely LP403 – Specializing, and LP500 – Dimple Locks.  These two modules are the natural progression for advanced pickers as you continue to advance your skills.  I’m still working on one more (LP501 – Simple Disc Detainers) and will try to get it done soon.  Other ideas bouncing around in my head include LP502 – Bumping Locks and LP503 – Bypass Tools.  If there’s anything you’d like to see, please let me know and I’ll fit it into the queue.

Again,  I appreciate your support AND suggestions for improvements.


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