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(273) Kaba Peaks Picked to Control


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Thanks for uploading this video Bill. I can take this to my locksmith that just told me that the KABA Peaks keyway is not available in SFIC. Here's the proof!

  2. Thanks for the clarification. Furthermore, thanks for all of your videos. You're doing a huge service for the locksport/locksmith community. I look forward to polishing my skills and hopefully I'll end up on your level some day. Cheers!

  3. The "operating" shear line is when the lock simply opens normally. The "control" shear line allows the core of the lock to be removed from the lock housing. Usually the maintenance folks will be the only ones that have a control key.

  4. I'm pretty new to this whole thing but your videos have helped me tremendously. I'm now able to successfully SPP 5 to 6 pin locks with security pins thanks to you. I do have a question though. Call me stupid, but I'm not for sure what the difference between "control" and "operating" is. Could you clarify for a buffoon? Thanks!

  5. you cannot take that core apart from the control by sliding the plug out, however, you can eject the pins via the holes on the bottom and eject the chambers, there is a tool to catch the pins in order to decode.

  6. Bill again luv the vid ametuer picker ur vids help n blow me away jus spent six hun on tools what u think of the circular tension tools n feather tpuch wrenchs that ses to ne ahuge issue for me tension what book available would u says the best for beginners also from ohio do u sell locks ones uve mastered like a ametuer package sry fpr the 50 qs but…..u r the man to ask

  7. After I posted the first one, people just jumped on. The vids are some guys at work playing around. I told then that if they did a vid I'd post it. Turned out well, huh?

  8. You're probably getting control so often because of how you're holding the lock in your vise — it's likely pressing against the control lug.

  9. When they are pinned according to a pretty strict factory spec, called pin "count", the shear lines are designed to NOT intersect simultaneously. In other words, when a pin lines up at the shear line, the other pin (or pins) block the other shear line. This is not true with ALL the pins in the stack but it doesn't need to be. Many locks use the same depth settings for both operating and control on all but 1 or 2 of the pins. Those block the shear line.

  10. Why can't you mix-n-match shear lines?
    I always though of it as if it were master keyed. Just with one key opening and another for removal.

  11. iv heard that kaba's are pretty nasty little locks to pick. I cant wait to come by one. soon as i do im going to get it. as always man your videos are great. and this one is no different

  12. It will not come apart when it is at control because the shear line is above the control lug. There are pins in the plug and the control lug at the same time. You would have to pick it to operate or have a pin ejector to dump the pins. Of course you would need new springs and caps after that.

  13. There are two shear lines in SFIC locks. One shear line allows the pawl to retract and you can remove the core from the lock. This is USUALLY a hard shear to reach, so hitting is is kind of abnormal. The other shear line is called the operating shear line and simply opens the lock normally. When picking, you cannot mix-n-match shear lines. One or the other muse line up.

  14. It was encrypted and did not play the first time 😉

    It does sound a bit like KokomoLock just based on his videos, is that who taught you all of this??

  15. Nice new intro!

    I have one of those from Jeff as well and have not been able to even get it to control. So nice picking. Post another video of the innards when you get it to operating!

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