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(939) Tobias & Julian’s Box-O-Locks


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. In reference to Tobias & Julian circular lock…. I made something about 4 yrs ago near exactly the same. First with a 2×4 and dowell rods which took 30 min to fabricate. Then a smaller precision built version in brass with 5 pins. No way to tension, no way to pick, with free spinning face washer stack. Almost the exact same key.
    I just find it amazing and reassuring that isolated men on different continents would by logic arrive at the same conclusion and design.
    But my trade and focus of life is building turntables, so I bought a bunch of Abloy Protec2 locks and I trust them and I will go with that because I have other things to think about besides locksmithing.
    W. Smith

  2. Ya losing yer mind there, Bill? No pins in 6. You were relentless on getting out something that wasn't there. I knew it from the second you opened it that it was empty.

  3. hay BILL good job picking. pins look like nuclear war heads lol .always tell you don't practice before you pick a lock for the frist time.drink more coffee. take a vacation.😎😎

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  5. hi. we actually removed the core and did nasty things to it. unfortunately the detent has to be press fitted or the core won't turn. thats why nothing came out of the 6th chamber.

    to find the right spot to drill the holes you can use the key, hold it on the edge or you do it like us an wait for good day light and look over the edges ..with a bit of luck you will see round differences on the edge..mark it with a needle or something else an drive the pins with a small bolt 1mm in the housing ..now you can drill out the pins carefully ..but the spings are broken after that. good luck 😉

  6. Huh, german woodworking probably requires you have a lathe, milling machine, cnc and the likes. I guess if one can afford having all those machines, why not?!
    I rather like how this was turned into a training lock with the plugs. Neatly done.

  7. Hey, Lagx, it's funny you should accuse Bosnianbill of being a member of the illuminati. My dustman is in contact with alien's in the Andromeda galaxy. I know you believe this, too.

  8. Yeah, finally. It fealt like christmas to me, when I got up this morning and found the Video on our box of locks.

    By the way: The Titalium is one of three locks we were able to pick after rekeying. But we're sure you will succeed, where we failed! 🙂

    That weird looking key is actually scrap metal from the blade of a kitchen knife, we made pry bars out of.

    Thank you very much, for all your effort, Bill! Hope to see more videos on our locks soon!

  9. Sorry abus lock ar now junk the bearings fall into to hand and you Will never get them back in stay away from them buy amarican replaceable cylinder stay away from them

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