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(88) Review: Souber Tools Dimple Pick Kit


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. I just do not see enough dimple locks to learn how to pick them. My lock purchases are not supported by a fan base, so what to do for good locks to pick? I am not rich either.

  2. This tool listed is coming in the mail"Ullman PH-4 4-Piece High Carbon Polished Steel Hook and Pick"  wanted to share with you having lots of fun trying to figure-it all out. Enjoying your videos

  3. My first locksmith tool set came in the mail "10 PCS Locksmith Tool Key Remove Removal Hooks Lock Kit Broken Key Extractor Set" and pad lock training. 
    Can you help save me money and tell me what to get in a whole saving packet? I wanna do this with license, bonds, and insured . and auto locksmith

  4. Well, I don't have any SouthOrd picks but can tell you that double ended, single ended, it makes no difference. I the picks fit the keyway correctly and your tension is roughly right, locks should open. Offhand, I'd say technique has more to do with success than the tools. Just so you know, the 103 is not really a "simple" lock – it DOES contain spools and can be a tough little lock to open sometimes.

  5. I hate to totally change the subject but I've rec'vd a set of 4 "new" (dbl ended) # PXC4 lock pin turn units from S.O. but, I can not get them to work on say a simple #103 New Master lock. This confuses me. Can U put out a Vid where these double ended padlock pin lifters (past the shear line of course…) work? Most thankful.

  6. I've done a couple of dimple locks with my home made picks, but none with these Soubers yet. I'm working on getting an MT5 on video using these tools & will put it up when its done. Until then, I recommend watching Kokomolock's channel – he's done several using the Soubers, although he doesn't identify his tools, but they ARE Soubers. He's a SUPER picker, incredibly gifted, and very generous with the lessons he's learned.

  7. I have recently bought that set of dimple picks(second hand) as new to dimple picking….. Ive raked a normal MTL Rim cylinder open and Spp'd off camera. Im currently playing with a MTL Garrison that is on loan to me and get good false sets but no joy opening as yet.

    Like I say Bill, got my Souber picks a bit ago but got no "destruction" manual with them so may try google that out of interest and have a read.

  8. Thanks Koko! Have you thought about putting a small set screw into the brass handle? I did that on my home made dimple set pictured at the beginning of the vid and it works great. JB Weld works good too. Speaking of cloning: I'm going to clone the smallest, thinnest picks from my Falle-Safe set from feeler gauge as well – I just know they will break…

  9. Love my set! I am in the process of cloning the double ended pick out of Starrett feeler stock with a brass round handle. Only problem I have had with them is my handles coming off but a little heat shrink tubing will fix it!! I also chamfered every edge on the double pick cause MTL loves to eat picks!!! Great video sir!!!

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