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(151) Tri-Circle Padlock Ridiculed and Humiliated


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. I swear you could unlock that piece of 'quality' with strip of coke can and rocking! And they actually want money for that bit of chinese craftsmanship! Well at least it would make a great sinker on my fish line for river fishing!

  2. i enjoy watching your videos as i practice. gives me confidence to see them explained. especially locks ive struggled with. great channel!

  3. Tri-cycle locks eh… Must be 'baby's first lock' or something… oh what? oh… TRI CIRCLE… ok… damn, there could have been plenty of parody in there >.>

  4. i just got my starter lockpicking set (KLOM dont know if you heard of it). cheap but just to see if this hobby is for me to start with. and right now i only had 2 padlocks at home 1 was so small i coulnt fit the tention tool and a pick in it and the 1 ive been trying to get open now for a while (a Tri-Circle 265). but what frustrates me is i keep getting the pick stuck at places. is this something that goes away with pratice or am i doing something wrong ?

  5. Tri-circle is highly regarded as one of the national treasures of Communist China.

    You can find all the design and manufacturing defects in padlocks in one body, i.e. Tri-circle padlocks.
    FYI, you can also shim through the WIDE GAP between the plug and the padlock with a shimmer from security tag by separating the driver pins from the key pins.


  6. after watching about 50-60 of your videos I went to a store and bought the same lock for my first ever picking. made my tention wrench and pick from the very same keyring it came with and SPP-d that baby open in an hour.
    Love your videos keep up the good work. PS! I'm from Estonia so sorry for my English :)

  7. Just (today) started getting into this craft and having watched a few of your videos, went out and bought this lock hoping it would be a good starting point for a newby! I've been at it two hours and the damn thing still won't open.
    It also appears to have 6 pins?!?
    Any other tips Bill or do I just need to persevere?
    Love your vids by the way!

  8. That doesn't look like the genuine Tri-Circle. The emblem on that one appears to have a bar across the centre. I've also never seen a genuine Tri-Circle with Chinese writing on it.
    I can, however, testify as to how easy they are to 'jiggle' open. But they're much more resistant to jiggling than the Viro locks. (Viro has no mushroom pins)

  9. It's possible to pick these locks by just jamming a paper clip and torsion wrench in it, then twisting the wrench without even jiggling the paper clip…

  10. You don't need to know Chinese characters to see this is a fake – the name, in English, is "tri-circYle"! Note the extra "Y". Also, the logo doesn't consist of three circles. The middle circle has an extra horizontal bar in it. So try again with the real thing, or at least tone down the condescension a notch…

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