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(224) German Technology (Locks)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. The Zeiss Ikon — Mul-T-Lock is in fact a MT5, not the MT5+. Although the key looks alike, these are internally different. I heard an extra sidebar at least.

  2. A lot of these locks are vulnerable to "snapping". In fact that's how our front door got opened.. they pried off the shield on the outside, and simply broke the lock with a pair of pliers. So, good to learn, some have that "backbone".. I WILL be checking if I can get my front door equipped with one of those.

  3. Key bitting alone can be quite difficult and those profile cylinders have a high low bitting that makes it hard. a great bitting for security from pick attacks you have to use MACS (Maximum Adjacent Cuts) which just means in each manufacturer of lock, let's take kwikset for example, has a MACS of 4. that means a 1 and a 5 bottom pin cannot be directly next to each other. you can, but makes operation of the key less optimal and will cause problems opening it down the road. Schlage has a high MACS that can go to a 1 and 7 pin next to each other. this high low manner can cause picking a rather tough task. I'll post a video soon to explain pinning in depth. great video btw.

  4. i'm so used to americans butchering the german language that it actually sounds really weird to hear correct german pronounciations from one xD

  5. WSW is an interesting lock and I also find their key very good looking.
    WSW has the partly similar conception,but it differs greatly from 3ks.The WSW has only 5 sliding fingers (woth a sidebar mechanism) reading the zig-zag and 6 pins,I think 3 security pins at 2,3,4 reading the"side"(everything active).
    Evva has only fingers(12)or the 2 curves (upper and lower are toghether 1 curve the middle one is the other) and sidebars.No springs which makes it even more secure. Both of them are my faves.

  6. Oh I left it out: The one you said to be a dom 5 is actually a DOM IX 5-KG. Where IX is for 9.
    Judging from the keyway it's the older version, the new one has even better special pins.
    The name could make googleing it easier, and I think it's worth it it's an interesting lock. I've read an interesting article about them a while ago, from Han Fey, I can only recommend it.

    Doesn't matter really just thought I should chirp in.

    And congrats on your new lock-booty.:)
    Especially the WSW! 🙂

  7. german engineering…
    I think Zeiss simply machines down all the marks which could be visible that's why you don't see the pin stack's mark on the bottom.
    I don't know that exact one, but I've seen Zeiss do that before. Admirably tidy and fastidious.

  8. Oh and I forgot to mention that you can take the WSW apart with a locksmith tool. This tool is nothing more then a metal piece and a hammer. You can punch out those pins at the bottom of the profile then remove that rod and take it apart!

  9. The Y1 keyway is a standard here in Germany, almost every lock has it. The Abus Titalium has just spools but the core is made in Germany and the quality of the core and the pins is much better then on the cheaper Titaliums!

  10. I will do a video on the Wilka explaining a few features very soon. Wilka is, despite Abus, still made in Germany! I also think that Zeiss Ikon still produces in Germany and BKS probably too but not sure on that. I did like the quality of the old BKS cylinders more then the new one. My favourite is the Wilka and the Zeiss Ikon 6 pinner. The WSW is definitely not copied from the 3KS. I know the inventor and have details on that lock, only the top sliders are like the 3KS the others not!

  11. Hey bill,
    Glad you enjoy my "carepackage"! The BKS come standard with 5 pins the 6 pinners have to be specially ordered but it takes a while. The Zeiss Ikon is a 5 pinner and an older version. The one I just gave you (which is not shown in the video) is the new 6 pinner and I specially ordered it for you. Same with the EVVA with 6 pins. Corona is actually Zeiss Ikon but their cheap brand. The Wilka comes with 6 pins standard and has anti tamper features and drill protection can be added

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