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(437) Makerbot 3D Prototyping Adrian’s Pinning Tray


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Thumbs up for solidworks. I'm 2 years into a mechanical engineering degree at WIU, and that's the first thing they taught us.

  2. Could I pay you to send me one of those? In pink, With my channel name on it? It would be so freaking cool to have something you made!

  3. You said you'd do a single head if you had to do it again. Any other issues? Do you have friends that have printers or have you ever been able to compare it to anything else? I've wanted to buy one since they first came out. I was waiting for them to get better. Looks pretty nice for prototyping CNC parts. 

  4. You should print a V-Block style stand for the plug, it may have to extend up from the rest of the tray, but being a V it will hold any diameter Plug/mortise, the V should have a relief slot probably about 3/32-1/8 wide and as deep as necessary, and run the length of the V slot to allow any projections or the key to hang down while suspending the plug

  5. Brilliant Bill. I've only stumbled on your stuff on you tube. Absolutely love it. I'm a carpenter/joiner by trade looking for a change in direction. I might go down the locksmithing route. Great work Bill.

  6. Bill, what file(s) do you export your Solidworks files out as & have you had any issues with getting things to print on MakerBot? Awesome video. Do you have any more where you cover something you designed in 3D or had sent to you?

  7. Insane Machine Bill!!!!!!! Every time I watch your vids I feel like a little kid riding his bike getting passed by the neighbor kid on his new dirtbike!!! haha joking aside You do some amazingly impressive stuff everyday Bill!! thank you for inspiring me every single day to get out and get making/building/constructing and crafting fine tools such as yourself !!

  8. Not as many people interested in 3D printing as in lock picking I see by the views. Well, it's understandable; 3D designing and printing is as complicated as anything else, yet offers about 0% chance of anything resembling instant gratification. I think it's the future. Interesting stuff.

  9. Are those sparrows tweezers u have? How do you like them? They claim they are non-magnetic is that true? Love the videos Bill i think i have watched 90% now!

  10. BoznianBill, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your pinning tray files on Thingiverse.  I love the design of this one http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:197990  I printed one for myself, and another for a friend who also enjoys lock sport.  They took almost 4 hours each to print but they came out perfect.  I found a little set of four little rubber disks to use as feet to put on the bottom of it so it won't slide around on the table when i put it down. I'm guessing they came with some electronic, or network gear, but weren't used because the gear was rack mounted instead of stacked.  Thanks again.  You've been an awesome teacher, and source of information for myself and everyone else involved in the sport.  Thanks again!

  11. I notice you have some "artifacts" on the writing and on some of the "harder" poart for the 3d printer to make.Do you know why is that caused? Is it because a resolution setting or just the printer isn't up for it?

  12. Hello sir,

    I have created a pinning tray via solidworks. I was wondering if you would like to take a look at my design, and possibly give me some input on changes you would make to the design. I would also like to send you some tricky locks.


  13. I really, really like this idea! How hard is it to make minor modifications to the files? I found the version with the V-cut cylinder tray here:

    I can only think of 2 minor changes I would make to customize it to my personal preference. I would add a small cutout in one of the upper corners to hold a plug follower. Secondly, I would swap the positions of the parts tray and the cylinder tray. Putting the cylinder in the bottom corner makes it much less likely for me to get a sleeve or something caught in the parts sitting in the tray while I'm working on the cylinder. I'm in no way trying to detract from the brilliant nature of the design. I have an engineering background, as well, and we're never satisfied until we've tinkered things to our exact (and sometimes bordering on OCD) specs..lol!

    I can't believe how nice the finished product turned out! If I can figure out how to make the minor modifications I prefer, I might consider looking into an online 3D printing service to make one up for me. If it's even close to being reasonably priced, it would be worth it to have something designed exactly to my preferences, especially since I would be using it every day, professionally. Incredible job Bill!

  14. I have learned to re-key old post office box locks which were made by Yale, Ilco, Lori,Eagle, P.I and maybe a few others.  All of these locks use the Yale bottom pins and top pins. These pins which fit these locks range from .182 to .353 which are nine pins plus the top pin .160 and the springs.  I found a Kwikset Titan #271 case at the dumpster at our apt. complex and have converted it for using the pins I have.
    It does have a slot for the tweezers(which I broke when I dropped them and rolled over them with my power wheelchair) My jury rigged case does not have a place to put the shaft with the key in it. Also it does not have a place to put the shims.  Re-keying a lock with shims is the only way I know how to open the lock and then re-pin it.  I want to learn how to pick my locks as most of the Yale locks have a tighter tolerance than the other locks and shimming the Yale locks does not always work.  I saw you pick a post office box door lock months ago and wonder what type of picks I need and can you recommend where I might get a inexpensive set plus a tray to keep my  everything in.  I buy old post office box doors(when I can find them at a reasonable price) then refurbish the doors and make a bank using the door.  I am a above knee amputee and spend all day in my chair piddling with locks.  If I can get a good deal on locks without keys and then re-key them for use with my doors.
    Thanks for any advice which you might be able to send my way.

  15. very cool idea for 3D printing. I have been trying to get a Replicator 2 for my H.S. robotics team. We are going to be using autodesk though. Neat seeing solidworks though since I have never used it.

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