Home High Security and Challenge Locks (1101) EVIL Keyways & How to Pick Them

(1101) EVIL Keyways & How to Pick Them




  1. Never picked such evil keyway. Need to try that out next time. Great thanks for that video.

  2. Do you have any advice on convincing my mom to let me get a lock picking set for non-nefarious things? (ie playing with, immpressing freinds)

  3. They just spelt it wrong. Daedalus was Icarus's dad.
    Icarus was the one who made wings with feathers and wax then flew too close to the sun.

  4. Saw your head in that shiny lock Bill. Now we know you're a white guy! Also, thanks for all the videos,they really are an impressive resource for all of us noobs out here.

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