Home Lock Picking for Beginners (791) How to Pick Disc Detainer Locks

(791) How to Pick Disc Detainer Locks


A lot of new pickers are intimidated by these disc detainer locks, but with the inexpensive pick there’s really no reason to be.  Yes, it’s a slightly different feel and technique, but the concept of binding pins directly relates to the discs.  You can feel them binding and that tells you which one needs to be picked.  No biggie.  Having said that, this is no Abloy.  These Chinese made disc detainers are cheap knockoffs of the real Abloy and have none of the built in security features or precision.  Still, they’re a lot of fun to pick and give you great satisfaction when they pop open.  You can do it with just a little bit of practice!  Go ahead, expand your lock picking skills!

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