Home Lock Picking for Beginners (849) How to Pick 5-Digit Combo Locks

(849) How to Pick 5-Digit Combo Locks


I’m always amazed at how easy it is to open up some combination locks, and this one is no exception.  Several people commented about how difficult this lock would be when I received it about a month ago, but after playing with it for a few minute I found it has the same weakness as many combo locks. The biggest challenge was figuring out how to change the combination!

After making this video I found an IDENTICAL lock in Home Depot with the Master Lock name emblazoned onto it.  Aside from the name and color, the Master Lock model has a slightly different combo changing method (it actually requires some disassembly), but it is a bit more flexible in terms of combination configuration because it allows both letters and numbers.  Besides that, the mechanisms are identical and the picking technique identical.

For the price (around $8) though, it really isn’t too bad of a lock for a school or gym locker – as long as you don’t keep anything of value in the locker. It’ll keep out a casual thief and resist picking for about 3 minutes, hopefully enough time for the thief to be detected and dealt with.


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