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(842) Review: Souber MTL Dimple Picks


I’ve been using my Souber dimple picks for years and have been VERY happy with their quality, design and durability.  I’ve picked hundreds of dimple locks and Mul-t-locks with my kit and have never so much as even bent one of them.  The Soubers have always been really difficult to find unless you are a licensed locksmith, military, or law enforcement and could supply the documentation.  So, when I was surfing through the Lock Pick Canada website a couple of weeks ago I was very surprised to find these for sale with no restrictions!  Just to verify, I placed my order and a week later the kit showed up on my doorstep.  To sweeten the deal, the cost is only $50 US, which is about HALF of what I paid for my kit from the restricted site!

The Souber kit is the best commercial dimple pick set that you can buy.  I’d advise you to grab one of these “hen’s teeth” while you can.


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