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(848) How to Win LockLab’s FREE Stuff!


It reached the point where people were trying to register by email, comment, through the contact link, private messages, and even using the LockLab’s PO box listed in the FAQs!  It was time for a quick video describing exactly how to register to win the free stuff!

First, you’ll notice that there is NO SECRET WORD!  Yeah, it was FUN, but was confusing and frustrating too many folks so it had to go.  All you need now is your email and YT name so I can easily notify the winners.  That’s it.  The techies chained up in the basement assure me that it takes less than 10 seconds, maybe only 2-3 if you have auto-fill turned on.

Another new development is manufacturers are sending in free giveaways.  Believe me, I’m not USED to finding free stuff in the LockLab’s PO box, but I’m sure we’ll have no trouble putting it into the right hands – hopefully YOURS.

Good Luck!



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