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(816) 1894 Lock Restored and Converted



This old lock had a really hard life.  At the end some hairy-armed gorilla used a hammer and crowbar to pry him out of the door, really marring the rim of the lock.  Internally, the guts were in bad shape – several of the pins were completely seized up and there was no key.  When I first saw it my first instinct was do drop him into the garbage can, but KEANEPGH kept sending me emails asking about the lock’s “health”.  Reluctantly, and with little hope for it’s survival, I dropped it into a bucket of magic juice, otherwise known as WD40.  For two weeks he soaked in there before I pulled him out and tried to free up the pins.  No luck.  Again I thought about throwing him away but I knew KEANEPGH would drive me crazy, so finally had to shim the lock open.  Once I saw the internals, I knew we had to save him.  I turned on the camera and recorded the process.  In the end, a BEAUTIFUL lock with upgraded internals.  Who knows?  He might continue serving for another 124 years!

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