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(714) Garret’s DEATH Challenge


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. great video! o yea btw i have to thank you just one more time :p youre video's got me into this hobby ! nothing can discribe thad feaing when you unlock youre first lock !! its more adictive hen drugs lol any way thanks and keep the good videos comming.

  2. Hi Biil,

    Just starting out this hobby; inspired by your channel! I ordered myself a 14 piece Southord set (got 20 piece slim set (marked C2010) instead :-)). Just managed to pick my first lock! It took me a whole week of frustration but can now open it in seconds. I just cannot understand it took that the long the first time. Now struggling with an Abus; no luck yet.
    My biggest mistake (I think): way too much force on the cylinder. Just now getting feedback for the first time but no idea what to do with it yet.

  3. Hey man, I watched your videos over the past days and today I picked my first lock that I bought (I had to do it with a paperclip because I don't have picks yet).. and now I´m addicted. Keep it up.

  4. Please save a video of the modifications you make to Garrett's lock. After he has time to try and pick it, maybe post a video of the mods you made. You are a good teacher bosnianbill. Thank you.

  5. hey bosnianbill cool videos! I was just wondering, you use this nice blue handled screwdriver in this video XPUZMAG (ALIEN TECHNOLOGY). It shows up about 12 minute 20 second mark. where did you get it and where can i get one? thanks for your videos and your time

  6. My comments way in the left field but is that tumbler/pin tray made from Bakelite, or melamine or something of the sort? It sounded like it is and I've always liked it just never asked before. I've never commented and I've been a sub forever it seems like. great vids :)

  7. Very quick pick Bill. Might have been more difficult if it was a Kwikset.
    I have been making a few challenge locks and it is hard to make the off brands difficult to pick due to loose tolerances.

  8. hi bill i was thinking, do you think a lock can be made with rare earth magnets instead of springs try using the repelling force to hold the pins that will be made of magnets. i have some designs made up but i haven't tried making one yet

  9. Hi bill. after watching nearly everyone of your videos I have now bought myself a basic lock pick set. and after 20mins of practice I have managed to spp my 1st padlock. thanks for your great videos! and yes it was a master lock… guess we all have to start somewhere..

  10. hey bill another great video, I'm just starting to get into picking, I can open a 6 pin euro cylinder with 5 spools and a normal pin without raking. my dilemma is i have two locks and I am getting rather bored of them and I was wondering if you could recommend some more locks to practice on or idealy send me some (I would be happy to pay postage plus extra for your time as I live in the UK). Thank you for investing your time in this channel, wishing you all the best from Britain.

    ps. I loved your master lock intimidation video.

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