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(778) Remco’s KFV Euro Cylinder


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Wattaya say to civic surety! Lol. On another note, though, I was wondering whether that hard "music wire" would compromise the warding of a good lock with all the wedding and what not?

  2. sorry if I missed it in the video, but what is the purpose of this lock? Just a standard door lock? BTW just recently subscribed and I am amazed and want to do this any pointers on where and how to begin? I know you hate masterlocks so I may start there!

  3. So are you looking for european locks (ABUS, ADWbest etc.) or do you have more than enough of them and probably not the time to pick them?
    Again, great video. I am trying to pick an abus lock right now and struggle because of the deep false set. I will try to grind down some music wire and try it again tomorrow. So thanks for the awesome tipps.

  4. Bill, I can't believe how many views you get and how few people donate to the cause!!! I have my beginner tools on order and will donate each time I use one of you videos for instruction…Instructional/books are very expensive and need to be funded…

  5. BILL
    Note on Mad Bob website says
    "Temporarily cleaned out by Tribe Bosnianbill. We hope to be restocked in a week"

    I ordered the new 6pc pry bar set, when word gets out Bob will corner the market on prybars!

  6. i buyed on Amazon a Abus lock for 10€ it's not much money but the lock was full of security pins. I have now just problems setting back the pins in the lock :p

  7. Thank you for confirming that made the right choice in replacing the cylinders.
    These KFV's are the standard cylinders that the company which made the doors uses. They should have drill and pull protection, but only on the long side of the cylinder, it has the marking BS+Z stamped which means drill protection and pull protection.
    These really were just anout the cheapest things you can find :)

  8. Why can't I make the PayPal thing work! the link works but when I try to enter an amount the zeros don't go away. I can enter numbers in between the zeros (05.00) but after i do the numbers just jiggle from side to side when I hit next. and when I go to your home page (not mobile site) I can't find a support link? I'm trying Bro

  9. thanks bill for your awesome vids. as a suggestion, would you be into doing an episode that addresses the legality of picks and other lockpicking tools in various countries? (it likely varies by state in the usa)

  10. Sitting here trying to pick a Ruko (nasty lock) and realised I put my vice at 45 degrees same as in your videos. Is this the way you would do it off camera or is it just for filming, and if it is could you demo how you would set it up if your just picking sometime.

    Thanks, love the videos.

  11. Hi Bosnianbill!
    Again a very nice video. Thanks!
    I have a question regarding german WinkHaus-Locks.
    My front door has a, for me looking like a normal pin-tumbler lock, WinkHaus cylinder. And i was pretty surprised how fast and easy you are able to SPP them. OK they are tougher than others, but still. As soon as i saw you picking these i went to my front door and checked my cylinder. It is installed not flush with the door itself. It is installed within a small recess of maybe 1 – 1 1/4 inch. Does that improve the security a lot or is it just for cosmetic purposes?
    Thank you again for your videos and hopefully my english is good enough to make sense.

  12. Every time you use the euro locks to open them is in wrong way.
    The key cylinder is mounted up side on a door and not down side how you show it and open them.
    And being mounted that way,will make them little harder to unlock them or "pik" them.
    But,nice videos man ! ;)

  13. +bosnianbill have you picked a 3* kite marked euro cylinder? I have upgraded my home to have GeGe kite marked ones. Anti pick/snap/drill. Wondered if you'd ever done them

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