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(826) Brent Cobb’s Abus Challenge “J”


This purple Abus came all the way from Australia, courtesy of Brett Cobb and his pinning madness.  Crunchy doesn’t BEGIN to describe how this thing felt, and once I gutted it we found out why.  It contained some of the nicest, and most diabolical pins I’ve ever seen.  Several of you have said he needs to be a paid consultant for Abus, and I agree!

I’m giving this lock away 24 hours after posting the video.  To register, leave a comment on YT and the random comment selector will pick the lucky recipient and I’ll post their name on the “You WON!” page (or you could just click that link to visit it now).




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  5. Great picking ! i’m looking for an american padlock 1200 series to follow your picking course , you said on ebay it was under 10 $ but i couldn’t find any , no matter the price…. tribe people what i’m doing wrong ?

  6. No way am I good enough now for that purple lock, but it would give something to grow into. Oh, and purple is my wife’s favorite color.

  7. Hello Bill, I could not reach the comments from Youtube so I hope that this works. Purple is my favorite color. I am bored with the, hard to come by, serrated and spool pinned locks at home (after a while picking the same locks over and over loses its zing) and would love to try this lock. Thanks, Carlos

  8. That was one of the coolest locks I’ve ever seen! A very good video since you highlight a lot of complications one could create designing lock.

  9. I suspect were I to receive that lock it would spend weeks if not months sitting on my desk mocking my attempts to open it.

    Still game to try it though.

  10. I would like to have a shot at picking that lock. Doubt I could pick it in 9 minutes-maybe 9 months. Nice website and videos.

  11. the full screen on your web site is great , it fills the whole screen .. Video ( 826 ) , I’m interested in the lock but what I wanted to ask is , where can I get 5 NEW American lock cylinders with keys so I can just change them out ( back and forth ) with the lock body’s I already have .. Not the Master inserts , but real American Government 5200 series Cylinders .. Thanks ——->P.S. I’ve already have checked Ebay and all that ..

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