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(62) How to Pick Sargent & Greenleaf Model 0881 Environmental Padlock


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. bill i didnt see your email in the notes, i would like to try my hand at picking amd making a key for one of these. anything specific you are looking for to trade?

  2. LOL railroad still uses 101 and 102 keys and locks. I have them on my work ring. We have tons of keys. Old conrail locks are 102 keys and old B&O locks are 101. You can make a usable replacement with a cotter pin cut in the right places with the same diameter.

  3. Hey Bill great video. I am currently trying to pick a 03 sargent & greenleaf enviromental padlock but  I am having some difficulty. Your padlock was a 01 but you are using a 103 key # on your combinations diagram. Any reason why? I have been trying to use 103 combo but no luck yet!

  4. I work for a RR in Pennsylvania that uses these for switches and wondered if they could be picked as well, interesting to see the results. I will say on the note of durability that this past winter every time we used one it was a couple minutes heating it with a fusee to thaw them out so the key would turn. But I suppose that's also a statement for the durability since many of them have made it through several winters of freezing and getting blasted with fusees.

  5. hey bill where could i get one of these s & g disc tumblers locks ….i admire your approach if u can give me some info where you got ahold of one i would appreciate it…..my email is gdrap06@gmail.com and i love your channel its helped me alot  more then most others….

  6. I just recently got into locks. And would love to find any kind . Do you have all kinds laying around? Thanks for your great posts and vids.

  7. Your missing some keys on your list and possible combinations. The 112 is non key retaining but I'm sure you already know that. Cool vid though..

  8. Wolff,
    I'm sorry but these were gone MONTHS ago. You can still find cheap ones on eBay without a key though, and simply make your own key.

  9. Dorsey, that video was posted months ago and the locks are long gone. Sorry. You can still find them on eBay though – much cheaper if they have no key.

  10. Awesome, clear explanation, as always, Bill.

    Could you post some photos or a video of the internals of the one you took apart?

    This is a great example of a locking system that depends entirely on key control. You can't blame the military for destroying the keys!

  11. Ha, I have a thing for music lol. Sometimes I can't put my finger on it and it drives me nuts but I get it most times 😛

    I appreciate that man, remember though… open is open!

  12. Sorry to say but they only started making these in the mid 90s I believe. They are the current high security lock on railroad switches. And the person whose video you took the screens (and key bitings)from is my friend "thedragonsmith1". IIRC the FBI/CIA was commissioned by the RR to make a new lock for them and they consulted Abloy and the first batches actually had Abloy made keys. The civilian version of this lock actually has more discs in it. If you want more info send me a PM.

  13. Adrian, Adrian… I SHOULD have said like H&K represents rifles (and I have several of them). Locks and guns, locks and guns. H&K pistols are nice, but your next door neighbor makes a fine pistol. H&K = Medeco (expensive, complicated, finely machined), Glock = Abus (affordable, reliable, functional and OK to look at).

  14. But I still wonder if locks like the Anchor Las could also withstand these conditions, maybe not in such a extrem way but it would be interesting if you ask me. I would say H&K but Glock is also fine with me mate 😉

  15. GOOD ear! I was actually hoping nobody would notice I ripped off the first 7 seconds… You should work for the music industry dude!

    BTW, I absolutely envy your calm picking technique demonstrated in your videos. Compared to you I look like a monkey killing something with a sharp stick.

  16. Yes, they definitely withstand harsh conditions. I looked at the S&G website and saw how they tested these things – unbelievable! Concentrated salt spray to simulate 10 years of exposure – and they still open. These things represent locks just like Glock represents pistols.

  17. That was one kickass fucking video bill. It's interesting that the driver disc is at a random position in the older ones, never knew that.

    The song at the start sounds familiar. Gouryella?

  18. "he drank all my beer and left" sounds familiar 😀
    Again thank you for this great video mate! So this padlock is really just designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and easy to maintenance.

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