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(312) Master 528 Dimple Gun Lock (JUNK!)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Gun locks are less about security and more about showing the empty is in a "safe" condition. If you want to keep your firearms secure, put them in something more secure (such as a safe).

  2. Weird.. I haven't (yet) touched a real lockpick, and this is already my favourite youtube channel 😀 Used to make my own picks with 2mm copper wire when I was 15 though 🙂 ABUS was my favourite lock then :)

  3. I was using so called high security master locks on my construction equipment. After watching a few of your vids I could pick them with homemade tools in a few mins. Feel like I got ripped off. 

  4. I think it's great great to have someone like you exposing their weaknesses but I was wondering what the master lock company thinks of you?

  5. You'll love it. They are a lot of fun and pick almost like regular pin tumblers. The keyways are a bit more compressed, but that's what make them so enjoyable to pick.

  6. I may not GET to heaven with an AK47, but I can at least DELAY my arrival for a bit… Shit Jim, we both know I'm not going to heaven anyway… You and I will eventually meet up in the same place I guess.

  7. Dimples are the next logical step. I resisted moving to them for years but finally had to give in as more and more began to appear on the market. Once you get the feel for them (within a week or two), they are just like pin tumblers. Sometimes the keyways are a little more restrictive but that's what makes them fun, right?

  8. Creighton,
    Given the choice I'd prefer to put the gun(s) in a safe. However, not everyone can afford a safe, nor do many people need one if they only have a couple or guns. Another choice is to store the weapons disassembled (with the slide and frame in different locations in your house). If you just HAVE to use a lock, buy a good quality cable, run it through your weapon frames, and secure it to an anchor bolt (maybe in your closet) with a high quality lock (medeco, mul-t-lock, etc).

  9. I'm looking forward to the Kalashnikov series! In a more serious direction, is there a gun lock that you /would/ recommend? I'm sure that there are plenty of folks already trusting their safety to Master Locks.

  10. The Peterson prybars are available from multipick-service(dot)com

    It's cheaper than ordering from the US and they are pretty quick (providing you don;'t order during German public holidays as I did)

    Also their Peterson picks are the euro versions (unless specified otherwise) so do NOT order thin picks unless you want the ultra thin ones

  11. I hear ya, however I would not want to test that theory too much. Remember, it is the best defense you can afford. Guess who will have the deeper pockets?

  12. I notice you are from Ireland, so the most economical source would be a UK company named Technical Entry. I hate that Technical shamelessly copied Peterson's design, but shipping from the US would kill you, so TE is the better choice.

  13. Hi, just wondering, could you advice me on a site to buy tension renches individually, I got one with my set but its only fo large locks. And im guessing my difficulty with pick is down to the wrong rench.

  14. Is it had that I MAKE these Master videos stictly for amusement rather than technique…? That's what makes this so much fun, huh?

  15. Keith, you are right. After my "tough under fire" series they sent me several threatening emails. Basically I ignored them. We'll see – it's kind of hard for them to claim "slander" after watching the videos tho…

  16. Love the videos and info. Be careful about how much you say against ML. Enough attention and they might be able to get you for slander? Not really sure about how all that works but the big corp bastards always seem to win while we all pay for it.

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