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(1143) Review: Rytan 16-Piece Pick Set


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com




  1. I enjoy your picking methods, And your reviews on different challenges, I been a certified locksmith for about 10yrs, I’ve been Picking residential locks and some schlage (non high security)locks, #1 My question is How can I get the knowledge on how to know how to get my knowledge on cars and safes, I ask different locksmith Co. If I can come on to be an apprentice, I have show them my certification but they decline, I just want to learn the caft better so I can be licensed in my state

  2. Very Nice set. I have a 14 piece cheap china set I ordered. Hope to one day win a decent set and a practice lock.

  3. I review your YouTube series as I progress my novice-skill lock picking hobby.
    thankyou, Daniel

  4. You mentioned that Rytan had proprietary ball picks, but Dino had them 15 years ago. Maybe Dino copied them from Rytan.
    I am getting back into key cutting and pinning locks at a Boy Scout camp. As a volunteer, I am working after our last fellow died. We have a key cutter and a pinning kit as I’ve seen so far. I do have one door lock that I can’t find a key for so we can’t use that cabin. I did see a video where you mention ‘imaging’. Polishing the top of a key blank and racking in back and forth in the keyway so that the marks could be hand filed.I have a 20 + pick kit and looking for advice if a double tap gun would be helpful or not. We have nearly 200 locks in camps and keep track of keys could be a nightmare.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated,


  5. i have only just been introduced to this sport thought it was bullshit i am 53 from brtstol uk i would of used these for crime but that life has been well and truley left in the past i feel they can make locks that cannot be picked but they wont do that cos that would be the end of big lock making companys i would love to work together with others to make locks that cannot be picked in any way like most things thoughwe dont get to see these new products they only let us seethe general public what could be out there but countrys make the choice what we can see we could all have a better life if we know that no locks can be picked a totally secure world then they can spend more time catcheng the bad guys who commit the real naughty crimes we are living in a world that could be a better place where everything is secure life would be a better place i can pick a 90 pound lock with at least 12 different picks and a dosen different tension wrenches an allen key and a metal tooyh pick like a dentist uses to open this lock up one way then turn it up the other way its just got L,C,C on the pad lock which in the uk they use to clamp cars for parking in the wrong place or no tax and n0 insurence people lock their motor bikes with going for now hope u enjoyed my vtews will film it nest week


  7. Well talked about to bad their hard to get a hold of. Please keep up the great job on talking about how to use the items and what you think about them.

  8. Looks like a nice set but I’m new to the holething . Still learning and got a long ways to go it seems . Harder than one would think until you get into it all . Thanks for the giveaway and video’s .

  9. Bill what was the the deal with the unsubscribe and subscribe i didn’t under stand it i did notice that the page did change

    1. Hey Marty, YT changed their page so you have to unsubscribe and subscribe and then hit the “bell” icon next to the subscribe tab and then you will be set to receive notifications of Bill’s new YT videos. I hope this helps!

  10. How do I register for this give away? It’s Saturday about 4 Mountain time and I just watched the Rytan video and registered with all the give away buttons but did not see the Rytan on any of them, so am I registered? Thanks for doing such a great job with these video’s I’m just looking to get started.

    1. The purple button is the button you want for all each week’s Saturday giveaway. The other three buttons are for the Monday, Wednesday and Friday giveaways. I hope this helps!

  11. Big purple button still saying "FREE drawing for the PickLock24’s Pick kits."
    Do i need to wait that you update website or is my "lotto ticket" valid to this set if i submit now?

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