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(1122) Review: Multipick’s IMPROVED Centurion


LockLab is Fan funded!  Help pay for stuff to review, break and talk trash about, and maybe even give away when we’re done.  Join the Tribe!

My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. A quality review and as always enjoyed your insight to the products from your review i have actually purchased my last pick set

  2. I also am a beginner.Watching your videos has taught me a lot.I have been fascinated with locks since childhood.Keep it coming!

  3. I watch your videos daily and purchased several lock pick sets (Praxis & Southord) you reviewed and a Panavise 350. I believe the purchased pick sets must be defective as of trying to pick locks for three weeks I haven’t been able to open a lock by picking. I can’t even single pick a Master Lock #3 or 5 other than raking. Any suggestions on a magical pick set?

    1. i dunno if this give away is over or not but it would be a blessing to win this if i dont i would like to thank you anyway this is a hobby gone bussniness for me truth is ive llways thought it was like putting a puzzle together and your videos helped me thru a very tuff time in my life so i would like to say thank you bill as for me youve have made a difference your a great teacher so thanks again

  4. caught your vids , totally hooked, bought first set of picks based on your review.
    Awesome work keep it up and keep on picking

  5. Best site I stumbled onto all year. Thanks for something REALLY different and interesting to watch. Keeps me coming back. :0)

  6. Simple, but very nice improvement to a great product. I’ll be very grateful to receive it.

  7. Very nice set up. Glad to see that the company is responsive to the consumers suggestion.

  8. Hah, really nice kit, i just started lock picking like 3 weeks ago (it was my dream since 3rd grade xd) and i can open any standard pinned i can get easly in less than half a minute 😀 thanks to your amazing videos :p I hope i win this giveaway 😀

  9. Got to agree with BB, quite a giveaway. Multipick has always been a top notch company both in quality of their goods and in responsiveness…

  10. Really great to see the interaction between Multipick and users and all parties reaping the benefits thereof. That’s how it’s supposed to be and also should be between Locksport / Hacking communities and lock manufacturers.
    Bill – please count me in on this giveaway – I would love that practice lock and the stand – the picks, well they look pretty much the same as Southord picks but they are fine too… Dreweling … LOL And thanks for the video and the giveaway Bill. Nice of you. Keep on picking strawberry fields forever. 😉

  11. Interesting, but i guess they only listened because it came from you, and they are watching your channel, and use you as a reference.

    I asked them two times about a product, if they plan n making one or could make a custom one, and never even got an answer.
    Another company responded quickly, and even offered to make a custom one for me for a small extra fee.

    And yet German companies wonder why we Germans buy less and less of their stuff. The customer service just sucks.

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