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(749) Review: Lockpicking School in a Box


Lockpicking School in a Box


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I found this “university” on the Lockpickshop.com webs site for less than $100 and REALLY wish it had been available when I was learning how to pick locks.  The incrementally pinned locks really makes it easy to learn picking, develop “feel” and advance to high security pins.  The five locks have wide keyways, so warding won’t get in your way or dilute the feedback.  These locks are also re-pinnable, so once you conquer the 5 standard pins it is easy to put in spools and serrated pins to advance your skills.

I would have liked to see some security pins thrown in, but they are available for less than $10 online when you advance that far.  Also, the picks are good for these keyways, but if you have other locks with tighter keyways you’ll probably want to pick up a set of Euro profile picks.  Still, these picks are perfectly fine to advance through the locks provided in the kit, even with security pins in them.

This is an outstanding kit to learn on and will save you money and time in your lock picking education.

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  1. I have this. This is what I started on 2 months ago: it’s wonderful. Even though I spent very little time on the 1-3 pin tumblers, it was amazingly helpful to see constant and consistent progress rather than struggling to start with a 5 pin and getting discouraged (which happened to me when I first tried to learn 6 years ago).

  2. I’ve been trying to make one of these, but it’s taking me forever. This is much nicer than my design.

  3. I looked at that, loved your review, but went with the Sparrows Night School Tuxedo, adding the comb combo set, warded lock picks, and 3 or 4 slim picks. Then I had to pick my way into a building I manage. When did Kwikset start using spools? It took me 25 or 30 minutes, but I got in. Now I can do it in under 2 minutes. One of those cheap springs jammed a pin. Someone was using an impression key on it, but who knows why it jammed. It’s fixed now, minus 1 pin, pending me getting new springs.

  4. I could really use one of these right now because I think my brain has been disconected from my fingertips and I am struggling to pick anything

  5. My son is interested in learning this craft. Would you recommend this as a gift to get him going, or is there a better way you would suggest to spend about $100?

  6. they should include a repining set w/security pins so you can build more chalenging locks and so you can build your own locks when you get tired of that boring 1pin

  7. i spent 5 minutes pausing the video looking who was nocking the door.. then i found out it was integrated to the video… nice vid

  8. Thank you Bill for all the great videos. I am really interested in becoming a locksmith on the side for supplemental income. Do you have any tips? I would really like to save money and avoid school, and learn online with free training videos like ones you provide and just get my license. Thanks for any help!

  9. That set of picks is the set I have they came in a leather case I really like them and I think I am going to order the next set to add to them, What I really want is some practice locks.I hope I can find one when I get my next pay.

  10. Bosnianbill, I hand made a couple custom picks for you that I think will rival kerpeeshs. Where can I send this too so you will get them. Also I have a very old but good condition Ilco that I'd like to send your way as well. Thanks.

  11. That looks like a very nice system. The route I took was to buy a lock re-pinning kit from Lowes for $10 and some locks from the Habitat for Humanity resale shop at about $5 each. I made 1, 2 and 3 pin locks and learned all about how fun it is to drop tiny things that dissolve in concrete. And how to repin locks. When a lock failed at home I was able to take it apart and find a spring had worked past the pin, jamming the lock. Repined and now working.
    So while this is a very nice set you can do about the same for a lot less if you are up to the challenge. And being able to disassemble and repin locks helps a lot in learning how they work.
    In any case thanks as always for yet another AWESOME video. People like you are what makes the tube great.

  12. Bill you have got so many folks interested in lock picking it wouldn't surprise me if the reason that so many new products are coming out can be linked to you

  13. my dads favorite kind of lock is master lock…….literally all his locks are master locks that costed less than 20 bucks…i showed him your master lock videos and he just laughed and said wow you can even pick then with a zip-tie, so i took min lock shopping on amazon, and got some better pad locks

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