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(750) Review: Azure Practice Lock (Junk)


Azure Practice Lock


Material Quality6.5
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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. I found your blog site on google and check a number of of your early posts. Continue to keep up the extremely excellent operate. I just further up your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader. Seeking forward to reading much more from you later on!

  2. It is repinable. You can push the plastic lid out when the lock is open by sliding something bent like tension wrench there and pushing it out from inside. There is a hole there intended just for that

  3. It is repinable. You can push the plastic lid out when the lock is open by sliding something bent like tension wrench there and pushing it out from inside. There is a hole there intended just for that

  4. My father gave me that lock (under a different brand-name) as a gift. It is re-pinnable and the side isn't glued on. You just have to smack the opposite side with a hammer, as long you mind the ejection of springs and pins.

  5. Bill, that really might sound stupid but the pick to the very left is useful for small, crappy padlocks where you have problems fitting a tension wrench in without taking up the whole space. Just put it in without a tension wrench and use it as a jiggle key.

    However, have to strongly disagree about the quality of those picks. You can find them not only on Amazon but on Chinese websites and they are the only picks I ever bought and threw away (well, from one I created a pick for the Evva 3KS and other slider based locks). While they look good in terms of shape (at least the ones to the right in your vid), they have a really, really poor finish. Just for fun I tried to file through a pencil just with the shaft and guess what, managed to cut halfway through it. If you use them to rake, they feel and act like you had sticked in a file.
    If you try and sand them, they immediately rust. Not the type of rust that comes within months, no, they rust within 1 or 2 days. If you've finally sanded them down (which you have to do on a regular basis as they rust regardless of what you do) , they just give very little feedback.

  6. Im pretty sure its the same lock as the clear ones. Some chinese company is making tons of these. You can pop that little window out and repin this lock. As soon as i can salvage some spools Im going to throw them in and look at picking spools. I use this to get my friends hooked on picking. I have had the side window out on mine and its not glued. access for popping it out is gained when the lock is open. I like the picks, filed them down a bit and have picked about 20 different locks with them so far. Great beginner kit imho. But who knows, maybe some of them they glued.

  7. I have exact the same Loxk but it has 7 Pins and is clear on the Side behind the Pins it says "Bullkeys" and the Keys also say Bullkeys.
    Btw i bought it on German Amazon…it came from China over a Dutch Harbour needed nearly a Month to arrive 😉
    I bought it with the GOSO Picks i told you about earlier.Together i paid 22 Bucks for 24 Picks and the Lock.
    They look like Brass but its steel with some Coating and the set contains different thick versions of for example the Flag Picks.
    I never had any Lockpick experience…i took the Lock and tried the Raking Method and it worked instantly and repeateable.
    I have a Abus Euro Cylinder and 2 Discus i found in my Cellar to train on…But lol they are more hard than that clearTrain Lock ;)

  8. Nice to see your more experienced opinion of the kit. I also reviewed it but I am a novice at best so I came from a different perspective.

    I also found most of the picks to be pointless shapes. However, for the good locks, I dipped the handles in plastidip tool handle rubber and they are MUCH nicer to use now as I practice with better locks. Just an alternative to the shrink wrap idea.

  9. Great video, very important. I looked at several similar kits, as I wanted a good, see through, practice locks, but most reviews were the same. Even if the lock picks were decent, the locks were so easy to pick there was nothing to be learned from them.

  10. What about the Mazu alternative on amazon?
    Edit: Never mind, I bought it and it's just as bad as the Azure Practice Lock for learning lockpicking. The picks are exactly the same as the Azure set. Seems like it's just a re-branding of the same factory made product.

  11. For what it's worth I have a clear version of this lock. The sealed cap pops off easily if you take a screwdriver through the shackle hole. It's very easy to repin this lock. Just saying.

  12. Hey Bill, early on in my lock picking career (not all that long ago sadly) I bought one of these locks. It wasn't in a "training kit" but just the lock and it was rebranded with some other name on it but it's the same EXACT lock. Unless the "brand" you have actually took the time to glue the side piece on the one side in place, it can be removed. At least I found the one I have was removable. I thought for sure it was either one piece or a piece glued in place but what I found was if you open the lock and then you take something like the key and stick it up into the shackle hole and pry up against that piece, it will come out. It takes a bit of force but mine popped out. You need to be careful because obviously if you take that piece off, the pins and springs will want to escape. So put one hand over the piece as you pry up on it from below and it should pop out with some force. So, it should be able to be rekeyed if someone wanted to. I suppose this might add a small bit of value to it for learning to pick with other types of pins.

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