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(815) Review: SouthOrd NPS-2000 Pocket Pick


SouthOrd NPS-2000 Pocket Pick


Material Quality9.0
Reader Rating: ( 10 votes ) 6.3

Several viewers who are locksmiths had “hinted” (by sending about 50 emails) that the Pocket Pick was a really nice and useful tool.  I looked at it on the website but wasn’t convinced because the pictures didn’t do it justice.  Still, you guys send in the fan funding to see it so I plunked down the cash on the lockpickshop.com website and reserved judgement.  Only two days later I was inspecting it closely and quickly came to understand the $59.95 price tag.  The level of detail and quality of machining easily justified the price tag.  Too often we forget that quality costs extra, but this little tool is well worth the money.  The knurling, threading, fit and finish are perfect.  The materials are top notch. The tips are 0.025″ stainless steel, fit perfectly into the collet, and lock down tight.  The tool fits well into your hand and the feedback is very good.  Now, having said that – this should not be your primary tool set, even though it has 16 different tips.  Yes, it is a complete lock pick set, but it’s real utility is as a backup kit, something to keep in your pocket, backpack or car for one of those “just in case” situations.  It is very compact, barely larger than a standard pen flashlight.  If there is one thing I would like to see it would be including a Bogota – but I don’t think it would fit into the handle.




  1. Thanks for making these videos they help me pass the time while learning how pick locks!

  2. Very nice. Just ordered the big set of picks and wrenches from sparrows,I think it’s called the Monstro. It’s an early birthday present to myself.

  3. That seems like it’d be an awesome EDC kit. The length of the ‘handle’ would work wonderfully since I have larger hands and have a hard time getting conventional picks to span to the crook of my thumb. Great reviews Bill, thanks for all the work you do!

  4. I like any kit with a good variety that fits in a neat little package, but it seems that it would be a bit bulky in hand. It appears there would be enough length to the bit to use it separately. I feel the length and weight of the pen might get in the way on smaller locks. Everything looks like is machined very well and fits together nicely.

  5. Seems pretty cool Bill, prob not for me tho. As always, good video. I always learn something. Thanks Bill!

  6. Cool kit! I’d be concerned about feel feedback with such a large handle. Nice one for the collection.

  7. This kit actually just came in the mail for me. I must say, it is overall a really solid kit. The picks are pretty good quality and I get a solid feel from what I’m picking. The only negative I would say about it is that all 16 of those picks fitting in the handle is a very very tight fit. I was able to get them all in but it was a chore getting them back out. What I ultimately did was take a couple out that I wouldn’t use very often and now everything is groovy.

  8. That thing looks great. If I had that it would be survival of the locks. Lock survivor, haha. But have you ever done any safe cracking, and are you a locksmith or is this just your hobby?

  9. You sir are a strong man being able to give away all these awesome kits! Looks like it might make for a nice addition to an urban survival kit, could possibly even toss a couple of scalpel blades in the tube along with the picks.

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