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(832) Review: Pro-Lok PKX-11 Pick Set


Pro-Lok PKX-11 Pick Set


Material Quality7.0
Reader Rating: ( 5 votes ) 6.1

A lot of you found this on the Internet on the Pro-Lok website for a mere $18.10 and asked for a review.  I wasn’t expecting much at that price but found that the picks are pretty well finished – at least the sharp edges are deburred and the picks tumbled – but like all commercial kits still need some sanding with 600 grit to round off the edges.  The picks are 0.023″ thick and made from stainless steel, not 301 perhaps, but still stainless steel – amazing at this price point.  The only thing you could wish for would be some more rakes, like a C-Rake, Bogota (Triple peak) or worm.  It is obviously intended as a minimalist kit, more appropriate as a backup kit or car kit, than an every day carry (EDC) kit.  Because it doesn’t have rakes I can’t recommend it as a beginner kit, but if you added those items it would be an affordable, durable little kit.




  1. I am thinking to purchase these. I mean $20 for a hobby isnt all that much and i would like to get started.

  2. Wow, was just looking at this set, thanks! Now I’m going to wait a bit, and hope I’ll be the lucky one.

  3. Only started following the YT channel and this site but it seems like good value for a starter pack. I’d enjoy trying it on a few locks I have around the house.

  4. I like its lot too practice with and thank too the young man who giving it away( very nice of him )

    1. Skeptikon lankeamisesta ei voi sanoa että pulloa ei kannattaisi täyttää järjen äänellä. Jospa skeptikolla onkin sitten vain _tarve_ siihen järjen ääneen?Itse suosittelen, jos olet skeptikko, että opettelet varmuuden vuoksi vähintään mustan vyön jossain lajissa. Voi tulla tarpeeseen, näet.Ja nämä ongelmat tulevat tietysti kahdesta suunnasta. Kuten joku esitti ; Puolet ihmiskunnan ongelmista johtuu siitä että ihmiset eivät tiedä tarpeeksi. Toinen puoli taas siitä että he tietävät liikaa.

  5. Bill has taught many things that I wanted to know about lock picking. I am a beginner at best. One of the things that his YouTube videos has taught me is how to make my own tools. I’ve made all of my picks (less than a dozen) per his advice. I cut a notch in the guard on my table-top 5″ disc/30×1″ belt grinder that allowed me to back cut on the tool rest of the disc grinder. Using a fine-grit and water to cool the pick, one could duplicate these tools. Cutting curves on a 90 degree sanding surface are not a problem. If I could trace the outline of these tools on some SS sheet metal, I could grind them out. You’re awesome Bill!

  6. I like the ‘donate to the tribe’ for tangible things. I also like that Bill donates to the tribe with intangible things, like 800+ videos on YouTube. I’m a winner either way! Just watch and listen…

  7. I can’t help thinking that it’s not a bad thing having good quality picks that are a little thicker and a little wider than you might want, that way you can fine tune them to suit your exact needs.

  8. I don’t understand the purpose of having only half the set with welded handles? Seems a little weird.

  9. good beginner kit for us people! i never get picked but if i do repick and give to 1st us citezen from me!

  10. That's very generous of the one that sent in the whole stuff! This channel is very interactive and watching videos here completes my day! thank you!

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