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(409) Kryptonite Padlock Picked & Bumped (Thanks JMMURDY!)


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. You want to talk talk about spring tension I have a US lock padlock with a schlage keyway that I have been wanting to send to you to see if you can do anything with it because I can't even get any feedback on it to know if I'm setting pins or not and no rotation on the core.. Care to try it?

  2. "WILD" Bill,

    Your crazy ! Thanks for the great info, now I will save money on baby sitters for my kids using gorilla tape . . Lol

    PS: make sure you gorilla tape your Police shotgun in your vehicle . . . had a bad experience with a missing shotgun once ;)

  3. Great picking Bill, sometimes standard pins are harder to pick – especially early Australian Lockwood! Well done as usual on the heavily sprung Schlage.

  4. Absolutely, this Kryptonite lock has at least twice the spring tension, maybe more. Compared to this one, I don't even notice ANY spring tension on the 911.

  5. Great job Bill…I've got a lock with that style body….but it's got a weird plug in it…w25 it says…I'm pretty sure it has finger pins? Anyone?

  6. Tunap is for tittie babies. Waaayyyy too green for us – we don't really LIKE that ecological stuff. Real men use WD40. So WHAT if it destroys the ozone layer and kills the planet after we're all gone. I'm consuming as much as I can and wasting the rest. Sometimes I just print stuff, then shred it without reading it. Sometimes I dump the recycling bin contents into the trash. I burn my own excrement in the back yard using diesel fuel and old car tires. THAT's recycling! Tunap…hah!

  7. It WAS a 5-pinner – all standard pins, both upper and lower. No more tho. It has a full complement of 6 pins and I think there MIGHT be one standard living in there. All the rest are… well, not right.

  8. Looks like a 5 pinner which surprises me.
    Don't feel bad about the wd-40. I use about a can a week on my looks. These young wiper snappers don't know the value of wd-40 like us old farts. haha
    Nice picking

  9. Ahhh now I know what the Shirt was about 😀 been waiting on mine now! I would be interested in the Kryptonite but now you sprayed WD40 on it and RUINED it for me thanks bill!

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