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(70) Viet Tiep 60mm Padlock Shimmed, Rocked & Raked


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. DNTN Hồng Tâm chuyên SX-GC-KD phôi chìa , remote cửa cuốn , chíp xe hơi và khóa xe máy , máy làm chìa , máy copy cửa cuốn , máy copy chíp xe hơi các loại…..v…v…..!

    Đặc biệt : Nhận làm chìa khóa các loại (xe hơi  và xe gắn máy có chíp từ).

                      Nhận lắp ráp các công trình về khóa .

                      Nhận thiết kế ổ khóa và chìa khóa các loại ( theo nhu cầu khách hàng ).

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    Chủ doanh nghiệp : Quan Vĩ Hồng

    Điện thoại : 0909695448- 0909704348

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    Văn phòng 2 tại TP Đà Nẵng : K/750 Tôn Đức Thắng P Hòa Khánh Nam Q Liên Chiểu

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    Website : http://www.chiakhoa.com.vn & http://www.okhoa.net.vn

  2. The jet lag and boredom are KILLIN' me. Your KILLING me do you know what the temp is here!!! Lucky almost went to Vietnam when I was in Thailand. HINDSIGHT sucks!

  3. I find some interesting pieces for a collector of oddities, congratulations.

    me parecen unas piezas interesantes para un colecionista de rarezas ,felicitaciones .

  4. I have tried shimming them but there's not enough room to fit the shims in. Besides, the Abus engineers were smart and locked the pawls into place when the core is locked. You cannot compress the spring, even if you COULD squeeze in a shim. Exceptional locks for the price.

  5. Koko,
    I was really worried that you picked this lock remotely… I tried your suggestion (and should have thought of it) but it surprised me by not yielding. Of course, that's about ALL this little lock resisted. BUT, here's something I DID discover: Every evening before bed I do this little chanting thing – "Kokomolock, Kokomolock, Kokomolock… etc" and I noticed that when I chant within a meter of the lock, it pops open… Scared open, a new technique. Works on Medecos & Abloys too!

  6. Great video!! Could you try shimming the side closest to the plug first and see what happens. I was just wondering, with the plug being that far off center would there only be one locking bar instead of 2?? Maybe you could shim only the one side and pop it open!! Be Safe!! Speaking of safe, you were supposed to let me know when you were going to be gone for a while so I could check out your safe!!

  7. Nah, I picked it but its like picking a lock full of sand. There's so much sand in it that:
    1. It wears down your picks to nubs.
    2. It turns a rake into a knife.
    3. You can make a small desert island in your bath water.
    4. If you blow into it, you'll create a sandstorm.
    5. ? help me out…

  8. You were right! I hit it with a city rake, L-Rake, Falle-Safe rakes, and Koko's Alien-made pick (all have non-radical curves) and they ALL popped it faster than the Bogota.

  9. Just been to check some locks I purchased when first started picking and found one that looked like a Tri-Circl lock but this one is called "Tengfeng" so yes, many cheap knock offs out there. Picked the one I have a few times and raked it, but not long after opening it without the working key the front key pin came out Lol!!!!

  10. In this part of the world, who knows. There is no such thing as truth in advertising, copyrights or patents. I have several Tri-Circles and the core of this one is quite different though. Dare i suggest this is a Vietnamese copy of a Chinese lock? That's got to be the bottom in terms of quality…

  11. High quality stuff lol. It probably rocked open faster because the bitting was really even, I've never gotten along with fauxgota rakes but they're supposedly better suited to more high-low bittings. I'd say a city rake would slaughter it instantly.

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