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(968) Review: Dangerfield PRAXIS Pick Kit


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. Great looking set of lock picks there the would make a great addition to any skilled lock picker

  2. Love all your videos man, best lock picker on youtube by far, and these picks would defiantly replace the crappy ones I got to start lock picking

  3. I am a new lock picker, havent even got any tools yet, but these seem like a great choise, thanks for the informative video! 🙂

  4. Love your videos, although I end up staying awake way too long watching them and then am wrecked at work. Bought a majestic set way back in college to pass the time and never lost the bug, but those picks seemed to have been.

    1. You could probably just contact Chris at UKBumpkeys and he’d be able to sort it for you.
      I’ve bought stuff from him on several occasions – top sellers with top quality kit.

  5. Love these ! – I’m new to the hobby, but I’d be absolutely thrilled to own a set like these !

  6. That is a nice set of picks Bill. They put only the best picks, in my opinion, in this selection. Definitely worth the price, but I am going to wait til I can buy them on this continent.

  7. What’s awesome is I’ve been waiting for a set that cuts out all the useless and duplicate style tips for a while. There seems to be literally no filler picks here so this is the one for me for sure… if i HAD to gripe… a few more wrenches woulda been nice but really no big deal at all considering…

  8. I love your videos, I have learned so much but I only have a couple of homemade picks. I it’s a hobby for me and I don’t have the fund’s to purchase some nice picks I would love to win these. Thanks for your videos again.

  9. Im sitting here trying to think of something smart to say but cant come up with something so…

  10. Oh man! Something else I feel I MUST own. The BB Tribe is changing the World one pick, one kit at a time. Bill, is/are your cat(s) still living? Haven’t seen a hand wound in quite awhile. Who does you title animations? Are you doing those TOO?! Awesome.o

  11. The Praxis kit is on my wish list (from you). I think the case could be a little thinner, but the set looks great.

  12. Nice pick set , Maybe when I wear out some of my sparrows I will give it a go.. on a side note did you know that Peterson is selling a Bosnian Bill style no Teeth Turning Tool in his mini pick sets.. Your Famous Bill ….

  13. Another company going to be bombarded by your viewers. Hopefully I can get one before they have to shutdown there webpage due to Bosnianbill. Great review always enjoy watching all your videos

  14. I'd definitely be happy with that as a final set.

    I was wondering have you ever seen/heard of/picked a "VingCard" 7 pin tumbler? I'm going to send it to you to open cause I can't do it.

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