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(800) Review: Sparrows Night School



If you want at kit that will help you progress from basic lock picking all the way through spool and serrated pins, this little kit is a bargain!  It comes with what is basically a Sparrows Tuxedo kit with dipped handles and three locks.  All the locks are potentially 6-pinners (but are only pinned up with 5 pins) and have the side of the bible milled away so you can see what is going on inside.  This is VERY useful when learning so you can see exactly what is giving you the feedback and helps greatly when learning pick placement.  With this kit you won’t have to spend a fortune finding progressively more difficult locks because they are already in the case.

With the Canadian economy in decline for the past few years the exchange rate is incredible right not, at a 4-year low.  This makes this $115 Canadian kit sell for only $88 US dollars.  An amazingly low price for a kit of this quality.

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