Home Reviews (803) Review: Southern Specialties Pick Set (BD-LPH-10E)

(803) Review: Southern Specialties Pick Set (BD-LPH-10E)


Overall a nice little kit for European or Asian locks since the picks are only 0.021″ thick.  Still, a little on the thick side for everyday use, I would prefer picks in the 0.015″ or 0.018″ range if I lived anywhere but in the U.S., because locks there have narrower keyways.  I was a little disappointed that at this price point the picks are made from spring steel instead of stainless.  Spring steel is only about 1/3 as durable as stainless so these will not last as long or take nearly as much abuse as a stainless set.  The case was a little odd, with the red thread, but still fully functional.  Also, at this price point I would have expected a TOK tension wrench.  Cost was $39.95 direct from the Southern Specialties website.

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