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(821) Review: SpooXe Nuclear Fallout Pick Cases


More than a few of you have commented about the casual way I dismiss pick cases when doing reviews.  I guess I’m so used to getting cheap plastic cases with the kits that I just routinely throw them away and put the picks in a decent case.  So…. I decided to add pick cases to the TRIBE’S review queue and ordered from several manufacturers.

These little beauties arrived from a little company in Germany named “Spooxe”.  Apparently, they bought up some surplus German Nuclear Fallout Shelter hand towels, applied a lot of excellent German engineering to optimize their design, and started selling a few of these little cases.  I found the workmanship to be excellent, the material superior, and the design & layout near perfect.  It’s a shame I have to give these away as I think they would be a great addition to my pick “arsenal”.

The contact direct with the company is: http://store.spooxe.com.

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