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(819) Review: LAB 11-Piece Pick Set


Thank goodness you guys are always on the lookout for interesting lock picking kits and equipment – I would probably have passed right over this one. Several of you noticed this LAB 11-piece kit (and another one which will remain a surprise) on the Brockhage website for $31.95.  For that price I really wasn’t expecting much but when I opened the package it was quite nice!  The picks are all 0.025″ stainless steel and are double ended, with a variety of hooks on one end, and different rakes on the other.  Basically, you find the biggest rake that’ll fit into your keyway, and the proper rake is on the opposite end – pretty well thought out.  The largest rake looks like a super extended S-Rake, but has the approximate bump size as found on our favorite Bogota and seems to work about the same.  The tension wrenches are pretty unique because they work both bottom of the keyway (BOK) and top of the keyway (TOK).  Pretty ingenious twist on them to accomplish that.  The case is nothing special, but they never are on kits at this price point.

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