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(832) Review: Pro-Lok PKX-11 Pick Set


A lot of you found this on the Internet on the Pro-Lok website for a mere $18.10 and asked for a review.  I wasn’t expecting much at that price but found that the picks are pretty well finished – at least the sharp edges are deburred and the picks tumbled – but like all commercial kits still need some sanding with 600 grit to round off the edges.  The picks are 0.023″ thick and made from stainless steel, not 301 perhaps, but still stainless steel – amazing at this price point.  The only thing you could wish for would be some more rakes, like a C-Rake, Bogota (Triple peak) or worm.  It is obviously intended as a minimalist kit, more appropriate as a backup kit or car kit, than an every day carry (EDC) kit.  Because it doesn’t have rakes I can’t recommend it as a beginner kit, but if you added those items it would be an affordable, durable little kit.

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