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(861) Review: MultiPick’s Elite 11 Pick Set



This pick set is a perfect example of German quality and attention to detail.  The picks are well designed, durable, and very nicely finished.  MultiPick-Service did a fine job of selecting the tension wrenches and everything is well tumbled.  The pick choices are well thought out with a good selection of hooks and rakes, and then included a really nice extractor.  Even the leather case is nice!

The only downside is the crazy postage that MultiPick charges to send this small kit to the US – 35 Euros!  When you factor that in, the overall value of this kit dropped like an anchor.

I really hate to give this kit away, but a promise is a promise.  Perhaps someday MultiPick-Service will start selling this fine kit in the US.  I’m SURE it would be a good seller.



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