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(866) Review: Sparrows Monstrum XXL



A LOT of you have been asking for a review of the huge Monstrum XXL and it seems it’s one of the most popular kits out there.  I was hesitant because of the cost ($139 Canadian, or $108 USD) but to get you guys off my back I placed my order.  This was the first I had seen and I was impressed with the selection of both picks and tension wrenches. The advertising said the Monstrum XXL was a combination of the Wizwazzle and the basic Monstrum kits – and I believe it.   The Monstrum XXL is masssive, with both basic and advanced picks.  I was also impressed with the number and selection of tension wrenches, both bottom of the keyway (BOK) and top of the keyway (TOK).  If you can’t find a tension wrench to use in this collection then it just doesn’t exist!

The Monstrum XXL is an advanced kit.  You find a number of specialized picks to deal with biaxial pins, as well as deep access pins – something beginners probably won’t need yet, but will find useful as their skills improve.  By buying the XXL instead of the two kits separately you’ll end up saving about $20-25 USD, so think about it seriously if breaking into the hobby.


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