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(866) Review: Sparrows Monstrum XXL


Sparrows Monstrum XXL


Material Quality9.5
Reader Rating: ( 13 votes ) 6.2


A LOT of you have been asking for a review of the huge Monstrum XXL and it seems it’s one of the most popular kits out there.  I was hesitant because of the cost ($139 Canadian, or $108 USD) but to get you guys off my back I placed my order.  This was the first I had seen and I was impressed with the selection of both picks and tension wrenches. The advertising said the Monstrum XXL was a combination of the Wizwazzle and the basic Monstrum kits – and I believe it.   The Monstrum XXL is masssive, with both basic and advanced picks.  I was also impressed with the number and selection of tension wrenches, both bottom of the keyway (BOK) and top of the keyway (TOK).  If you can’t find a tension wrench to use in this collection then it just doesn’t exist!

The Monstrum XXL is an advanced kit.  You find a number of specialized picks to deal with biaxial pins, as well as deep access pins – something beginners probably won’t need yet, but will find useful as their skills improve.  By buying the XXL instead of the two kits separately you’ll end up saving about $20-25 USD, so think about it seriously if breaking into the hobby.




  1. I don’t understand…how in the world do you manage to have a different intro every video? Some designer is working overtime.

  2. Looks like somebody is cheating to win the giveaways I’m not dumb I see what’s going on this is ridiculous I’ve entered into every single one of the giveaways every one of them and I have not won not one time

  3. Looks like somebody is cheating to win the giveaways I’m not dumb I see what’s going on this is ridiculous I’ve entered into every single one of the giveaways every one of them and I have not one not one time

  4. Tuck the twisted Z wrenches in the center pocket where the fold is, short side down! Then the long end will lay in the case no problem!

  5. Own it, and like it, but buy the 5 .015″ single picks and add those, double rake, triple rake, and 3 hooks. Go to Peterson and get their knife bypass tools, DAMES bypass set, a few more slim picks, some shims and you are dancin’ in tall cotton! I bought the 3 Pippin files, and Lock Picks Canada was selling them so cheap, this kit was almost free! I use Pippin files all the time! I am a luthier of 37 years now. Master luthier of 32 years, with a bowed instrument guild stint, and final certification builds & repairs in Germany. I made a lot of tension wrenches for my Monstrum. I still love my fish tape (corset wire) tension wrenches for top of the keyway. The steel if thick enough I can grind a wedge profile that will wedge itself into most keyways. Only very wide keyways present any issues. The taper of the wedge varies from wrench to wrench, as does the thickness. My wrenches grab & stay put! My double offsets work around doorknobs, and the wrench’s offset is just right for fingertip tension. I’ll dig some more of that junk spring steel out of the case, and make some more, & maybe send some along your way. Bear in mind, if it don’t fit right & tight, just regrind it!

  6. I can fully back up the review of the Monstrum XXL kit as I bought one a few months back. I ordered direct from Sparrows (Canada) and I received it 5 days later (UK). As per the review they do need a sand over. A: To get rid of the coating left due to the dipping process. B) To round the picks off a bit but what mass produced pick don’t need a sanding. They feel comfortable in the hand and due to the dipped handles you get good feedback.
    You will not be disappointed with this kit.

  7. Awesome nice kit! So wish could win, since I’ve never won anything in my entire life, guess not “lucky”! Also, your new intro vid, is like super super Awesome & amazing. Kudos to whomever put that together. As far as sites go & intro vids, I’d say that’s up there in top 10! Graphics & sound are great. That monstrum xxl case it pretty cool too, like it all. Thanks for reviewing

  8. It looks like very good kit I thinkin about buyn that bid I have one hook lockpick kit from DX Ireally want to that kit what you giveaway now that looks good and there is many picks what can use

  9. About 15 years ago I was at a pawn shop and found a auto lock pick set from Mac tools 25 double picks separated by type of cars. I payed $50 This Sparrows Monstrum XXL set is a wow!!!

  10. Just starting out and I bought this kit, I love it and opened 2 Master lock’s # 5 and a Wolfdog lock. Thank’s Bill, love my new hobby !!

  11. Mate your the best thing ive found on UTUBE,so far.Keeeep the good show up! Fasinating for us beginner’s and now follower.

  12. G’day bosnianbill, haven’t been able to walk properly after I tryed the banana stress test.
    Keep the quality content coming.

  13. Just what I need but what are the odds of a freebie, last thing I ever won was a plastic gazoo lol

  14. Where can you buy this Monstrum XXL set of picks too for $139 Canadian?

  15. Would love this to replace some of the Sparrows picks I have that are bent from learning. I think I’m good enough now though! 😛

  16. A pretty tidy set and no mistake.. Very taken with the Octo! (do they not throw in the Sandman also..?) Love it.

  17. A nice looking set put kind of pricey if was to order set like this from sparrow it’d probably be the Vorax set. Glad they’re selling the sandman separate at my local deal, something practical and fancy for my tired all pick set.

  18. just started the sport. my first kit was a klom and its broken already. found your youtube channel and have learned what is quality and what is junk. enjoy the videos and saving up for my next pick set from one of your recommendations. thanks for your contribution to enthusiasts new and old.

  19. If the ocean was whiskey and i was a duck, i would dive to the bottom and never come up.

  20. An amazingly spectacular looking kit. Also digging the new intro.

    Keep up the great work!

  21. I have worked as a locksmith for almost 6 months and have started to learn the profession. I miss right now a set to train with in my spare time . I so want to really learn this profession.

  22. Thanks for turning me onto the case. I love when you show how to improve the pins in a lock.

  23. Very cool set, I always enjoy your videos 🙂 I have learned a lot about locks from you

  24. i have been looking at this kit for some time and it looks great i would like one

  25. I wonder if that sheen is becaisr they ran them through an acid pickling? I camt i agine why thry would though.

  26. Great review as usual. Always good to know if it will be for a beginner or advanced, so those on a limited budget makes a good decision.

  27. you should post the videos to your website instead of embedding them so if something happens to your youtube you have them here

  28. I almost bought this until I realised it was for US locks, only a few would do for my little delicate Euro locks over the ocean.

  29. Some odd picks I haven’t seen before. I’ve always loved the look of that octo rake. Just a wonderful pick set for anyone to have.

  30. I keep trying to win your pick sets bill… i gave up and printed the pick handles from your .stl
    And like ‘Harley’ i have modified it to suit my purposes, i.e stealth… I can share the sketchup files so anyone can modify them to suit the wiper blade inserts you have or just the plain old .stl files if anyone wants them

  31. I bought this kit as my first st of picks actually, and absolutely love it. My only complaint is that all the picks are .025 thick, so they can be somewhat restricted in higher security locks with a lot of warding. I just ordered two sets from Peterson’s to remedy that issue though haha. All around though, this is a great pick set!

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