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(248) Defeat Dishonest Baggage Handlers


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My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company.  The one with the wide jaws is the model 350.  The smaller one is the model 301. Both have the 312 Base mount – www.panavise.com



  1. for all the people complaining about the Africa comment, try travelling almost any African country, and see the crime/corruption for yourself. It’s not racist to state the truth… FYI i’ll be there in 3 weeks, with a bag full of electronic equipment (in a bright yellow Samsonite case).

  2. baggage handlers that are stealing from cases how is this possible dont they get automatically searched on leaving how do they get the stuff out airport one comment says 4 ipads and other bulky stuff , if its that easy getting all that out how easy in reverse with a bomb.

  3. I have tried that two different times and made sure I was at airport 3 hours eary and was told to remove the locks if not TSA approved.

    One airport was in New Orleans, where they still do bag inspection at ticket counter and was told locks have to be TSA approved

  4. I would have to disagree with the assertion that you can stand and wait for them to check your bag and unlock it for them. I’ve travelled from Australia to USA and Canada and on both occasions the locks were simply cut off. On my pelican gun case (one they are mot supposed to open at all) they cut the padlocks and popped the clasp out altogether. That becomes a bit of an issue because it then became an insecure firearm under federal law in both countries.
    Airpors security are a law unto themselves.

  5. You gave a full demonstration of what kind of suitcase to purchase, to avoid theft. The only thing that is missing is, the type of suitcase and possibly where to purchase it. Please could you elaborate on this for me.

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  7. I’ve worked for the airlines in the past and I would say this method of getting into a bag was the best. I know people who came off with money, jewelry, colonges, designer clothes, cameras, laptops, etc. using this method. My suggestion for you is to don’t put any valuables in the bag or use a hardshell bag without the zippers. Good video.

  8. I’ve used a 90ltr waterproof duffel bag for years, not sure where I got it but it’s made of heavy rubberised canvas.
    It’s much like the dry bags made by ‘Overboard’ but it has three lugs for a padlock rather than a plastic buckle, two lugs secure both ends of the the roll down top the third locks the top to the bag so it can’t be unrolled.
    There’s no way to open it unless it’s cut open or the lock removed that and it’s bright yellow so walking off with it is a bit obvious.
    Also a suggestion, put a second lock inside your luggage with a note asking whoever inspects it to re-lock it if it was necessary to cut the lock off.

  9. Someone stole 1/2 pound of C4 from the TSA at Sky Harbor. TSA had it in a small ice chest for an exercise, and a baggage thief grabbed the ice chest. The ice chest and the C4 was found about 1 mile from the airport along Buckeye Road. I’d have kept the C4. It’s just too handy to toss out along the roadside. I have no intentions to make any device that is designed to hurt or kill people. Tree stumps and wayward boulders are another matter. They tend to find their way into the middle of narrow unimproved roads, which I need to gain passage on. They usually show up after a heavy rain, but C4 makes short work of breaking them into manageable sized bits, no matter where or when they show up. Getting C4 to detonate is another matter, but not an insurmountable one. Oregon was the last state to sell dynamite and caps to the public with only a signature, and a letter of intent for use required.

  10. Are you sure it doesn’t work only on really bad zippers? I tried to open one with a pen and I swear that pen broke and the zipper didn’t even seem close to getting ripped apart.

  11. I do work in an international airport at security check and your channel is very informative to me about some misfunction of some systems.

  12. I have a me deco solid body hardened body molded or dr loop forged 6 or 7 pin padlock can this be pick it’s key retaining 1/4 turn

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    1. Careful, Snowflake. I wouldn’t want you to get triggered and melt from all that pent up anger.

  14. If you've got a direct flight you can put a bag in with whatever locks you want, but if you transfer the baggage handlers/ customs can cut your locks off to inspect your luggage. Yes, even your Trioving won't last long against an angle grinder. They usually put the cut locks back in your suitcase, along with a note explaining that customs opened it up for inspection.

  15. Well fuck. Somebody really wants to protect whatever is inside this monster of a suitcase. Instead of breaking into it and stealing shit I'll just take the whole goddam suitcase and worry about cutting through the big fucking locks later. It must be worth it if he went through all this to protect something.

    1. If you don’t want to make it obvious that you have something valuable inside a Pelican case with big locks, put the Pelican case inside a regular ratty looking suitcase held together with duct tape.

  16. I am more worried about what someone would put in my luggage such as drugs, guns, contraband, etc. I know someone who had this happen when he flew from Mexico and got arrested for cocaine in his suitcase which he had no knowledge of. It took a lawyer and lots of $$$ and worry and time but was able to get the charges dropped.

  17. Many airports in Africa will offer a cheap service to basically saran wrap your suitcase. Takes too much time to remove it all and put it back for the thieves

  18. my suitcase with built in shitty number locks wich i didnt use were broken "to check for suspicous items" so im afraid if i lock it better theyll just cut the whole thing open

  19. So I just departed from one foreign country to another via 2 hops. What if the "TSA" equivalent at one of those airports wants to check my bag and it is locked. Is that allowed?

  20. I just did a contract (I was prior EOD, too) in Africa. First trip, I did actually bring a Pelican case and a soft duffle. I couldn't take the Pelican any further than the international airport in Mali because the subsequent prop plane and helicopter rides had a 20 kilo per passenger limit. An empty pelican case is very nearly half that weight alone. Second trip, I just crammed all my personal items and body armor in a duffle. Despite Air France losing it twice and it not being locked, I still had all my stuff (and expensive body armor) accounted for. My buddy who continued to use his pelican case had his case searched at every airport, including Atlanta.

  21. Was the comment about Africa necessary? I enjoyed your video until I heard that shit. Thanks for the information i guess.

  22. hell my old suitcase zippers gives me fits to use. baggage handlers left it alone past 15 yrs of air travel. packed to max.  condition of suitcase,  not advertising anything worthwhile  beat up and ductaped.  so  pitafal easily identified on carrousel. no locks . s

  23. bill, I travel overseas and I only have a weight limit of 50lbs, I am required to use SOC XL BAGS they weigh 14lbs, so I can only use 35 lbs left, but as in your video what else can I do to avoid getting ripped off.

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