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(817) Review: HPC Computer Picks


It took FOREVER to find a place that had these mysterious picks in stock. I’d wanted a set of them for years, but either didn’t have the money or could never find a store that could get them in stock. My inability to find them turned into a multi-year quest until recently when I found them listed on the Brockhage website for $75, with 3 showing as in stock Flush with almost $100 in fan funding burning a hole in my pocket, I hit the “buy it now” button. About a week later, these babies showed up on my doorstep. Made from 0.020″ steel, they have aluminum slabbed sides glued on. I was not impressed because the handles were stuck together and to the paper packaging. I do NOT believe these are stainless steel, as advertised. They are fragile and I could not get a single opening using these tools when tested on over a dozen Kwiksets, Schlages, Master Locks, Bests, or any other brand. They simply do not work. Avoid these picks, they are a gimmick.


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